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~The homepage of the CHS Marching Lions
~Covington High School's Homepage
~Top 100 Movies
~Top 100 Books
~Are you a child of the 80s?
~Band Jokes
~The Internet Movie Database
~The Zoo I think this is self-explanatory. But for those of you out there who have been living in a cave since the invention of TV, TVLand is only one of the greatest stations! Click & see!
~The History of Jack Schitt
~School System: Did you ever wonder what good the schools are doing? Here's the proof... 'Nuf said.
~Penguin Winter Wonderland: Did you ever wonder what the penguins do when we're not looking? Now you know. Click on the different penguins to get them to do different things. It's so cute! (PS- my favorite one is the one of the igloo.. aka "Disco Penguin")
~106.7 The End: For all of you N'awlins people - this is one of the greatest radio stations here! Okay, here's the deal: This is the home of all those great cornfield mazes out there.. If you go, one suggestion: Don't try to go backwards, they don't like that too much. Think of a name of a TV Show or Movie and then answer the yes\no questions. It's so much fun! The website tries to guess what movie or show you were thinking of!