Remembering Our Sons & Daughters Christine Ross in memory of LUCAS CHRISTOPHER ROSS 1979 - 2001

We moved from the cabin to our new house on April 4, 2005, the day after Luke's
Anniversary. On June 2, 2005, Robin and I went to the cabin to move Luke's stone and
all the flowers surrounding his stone.... so that they could be placed at the new house.
It was an emotional day, because under the stone we had buried some of Luke's ashes
and shavings from his razor. The stone was very, very heavy and we had a very
difficult time getting it moved, but we did it. The wind was blowing like a hurricane
out at the cabin and just beat upon us all day. But we kept working digging up the
ashes, and digging up the flowers. We had it all loaded in the car and Robin was
working on something else. I decided at the last minute to grab one of the bird baths.
This particular bird bath is made of metal and was a bit rusted from being filled with
snow all fall, winter, and most of the spring. As I was removing it from the garden I
talked out loud to Luke. I said..."Luke, I sure hope that you see all that we are doing
in your honor. I am so tired and sometimes wonder if you even know what is going on
down here. How about sending us some kind of sign to let us know you are here and
that you do KNOW." I waited, but nothing happened. Then I got in the car and we
drove to the new house.... about 50 miles away. First thing we =did was to place
Luke's stone and ashes in the new garden, and it was very difficult again. Then I
planted all the flowers that we had brought from Luke's garden. It was getting late and
I was trying to get it all done before sundown. It was almost dark and I decided....
"what the heck, I am going to put up the bird bath." So I set it down and braced it on
the bottom with some heavy stones from the yard. Then I grabbed the hose and
watered the flowers around Luke's stone, and then rinsed out the bird bath. The water
was ORANGE because of all the rust in the bottom, so I just swooshed it about and
then splashed it out and then added fresh water. THEN THERE IT WAS!!!!!!..... I could
not believe what appeared on the bottom of this bird bath. Well..... just look at the
photo and you tell me if this isn't the cutest HALLOWEEN GHOST you have ever
seen..... Luke was born on Halloween and let us know he will always follow us
wherever we will go. THANKS LUKE.... I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!

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