Hurricane Katrina Lola Petrovic Hurricane Katrina was not taken seriously, until it was too late. Many believed it would not have and major effect on there lives for such reasons as they lived far enough away, they did not know any on e living in the area or just simply because they we not a wear how massive this storm turned out to be. However, people are far north as Canada felt the wrath of Hurricane Katrina, Economy stopped, gas prices soared and families were torn apart. Katrina did not come quietly she made billions on damage, she has brought the U.S. government a grate deal of problems and has made them work together to fix what she has destroyed. A country known for its power and world dominance, could not protect its own citizens from something as simple as a hurricane. Citizen’s world wide felt the impact of Katrina. This natural disaster caused billions of dollars in damage. The Red Cross and other charities have come together to help raise money to help out needy victims. Millions were raised and used to help hungry, shelterless and hurt people. The now homeless people were provided with food water and other necessities however, the living conditions were poor. Significant amount of people were crammed in to the New Orleans stadium. Due to over crowded living situations people began to act up. Some looted, some fought and there were even repots of rape in the lightless stadium. Power outages and lack of security made the people act hysterical. Political figures played the blame game, pointing fingers at each other. No one would assume responsibility for the lack of preparation. The media also contributed to the nation’s outrage, showing black families looting and white families looking for food, other political issues became apparent. The U.S. government has made efforts to help Katrina’s victims. More then 72 000 uniformed personnel have been summand to the disaster area to help, since 49 700 lives have been rescued. Almost 700 000 homes have been inspected and are waiting to for construction to begin. Each house hold will if have not already receive 2000 dollars for food, temporary shelter and medical attention. The National Guard has deployed 50 000 members to aid those who need it. President, George W. Bush has declared 90 000 square miles to be a major disaster area. The department of Homeland security is trying to assists by providing as much funding for operations as possible. George W. Bush was quoted as saying “It will take several months if not years to restore New Orleans.” The exact date is uncertain at the current time; however some progress is being made. Water levels are significantly down and more the 50 000 housed are ready to be rebuilt. Victims have been disports all over the country. Some are still looking for missing loved one. The National Guard is no longer adding new names the missing lists. Properties and other belongings can be replaced and rebuilt but loved ones can not. Officials are doing what they can, without compromising others. We have all learned something from this horrible disaster. No matter how far you are you can still be affected. Also, that no matter how high up in the food chain you are as a country something so simple as a hurricane can damage your economy, drastically. This has made us all wonder what measures could have been taken to prevent such a thing from happening and will history repeat is self. Hurricane Katrina gave the term “Freak of nature” a new meaning and her destructive path will be remembered for time to come.
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