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indian mound livonia indian mound

Welcome to Livonia, Louisiana !

The largest of the ten remaining Indian mounds in Pointe Coupée Parish, Louisiana is the Livonia Mound. At almost 31 feet tall, the conical mound is located in downtown Livonia near the east bank of Bayou Grosse Tete. Scientists believe that the mound served as a burial ground for several Native American settlements. Artifacts suggest the mound was used circa 400AD-1100AD.

Source: Brian Costello's A History of Pointe Coupée Parish, Louisiana

If you are planning to visit the Livonia Indian Mound please keep in mind that the sacred mound is on private property and there is no parking available near the mound. Please don't walk on the mound or bother the neighbors. You can get a good look at it from the Dollar General parking lot on LA 78 in downtown Livonia .

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