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this is where i got my slambook, so sign up here, and sign my slambook NOW!!!

I created this site a while ago, and decided to put it back up. I'm gonna add some USY pics!! (The only pics i have on the computer) hehehe, the pics of the hot guys are old, in case you were wondering.

For those of you who didnt go to International's what you missed!
Damn, it's huge! Oh, noooo...I wasnt's talkin bout...ummmm...him, I was refering to the snowball, I swear!
Outdoor Adventure pics!!
i LOOOVE this pic!

Other USY pics:

I think this was during shabbat. in case ur not Jewish, using the phone on shabbat is a big "no-no".


nice tongues...ill bet those CUMS in handy ;-)

ahhhh...the usy boys. gotta love em!

These are some pictures of Michael Owen. DAMN is he HOTT!! But he's kinda short. Anyways, he's on the Liverpool team in the English Premier League and he also plays for England in the World Cup. He's only 22 years old.
Here are some pics of David Beckham. He's hot too!!

Do u guys think this guy is hot? it's Derek Jeter, and my friend thinks he's hella hot, but i'm not really sure...
hey all u josh hartnett fans out there...i gots his address!! Josh Hartnett C/O Patricola Lust 8271 Melrose Ave #110 Los Angeles, CA 90046 i know, i know, i'm amazing, u don't have to imform me...but if u wanna write to him sometime, go ahead!
well, here are some pics of the gorgeous Josh Hartnett:

And this is the collage I made of Josh Hartnett. If you copy it and save it onto your computer, you can use it as your desktop's background.

Hey, this is my slambook!! Sign it, and BE HONEST!! View My Slambook! | Sign My Slambook!

Here's a pic of both Michael Owen and David Beckham:

(in case ya didn't know, Michael Owen's #20, the one out in front, David Beckham's the guy behind him.) Vote for your favorite below:

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