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Gratitude Classroom Guidance Lesson

Title:  I am THANKFUL for...

Grade Level:  Second

Time:  Thirty Minutes


1.  Students will be able to explain the meaning of "gratitude".

2.  Students will be able to express what they are grateful for.

Materials:  "I am THANKFUL for..." handout, Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes


-Ask students what the previous month's character trait was (responsibility)

-Ask them what holiday is at the end of this month (Thanksgiving)

-During today's lesson we are going to be talking about being thankful and grateful

-Have you ever heard the word, "gratitude"?

-What does gratitude mean?

-Show them the definition of "gratitude"

-I am going to read you the book, Chrysanthemum.  Raise your hand if you have read this book before.

-Raise your hand if you can tell me some rules you are supposed to follow when there is a reader in your classroom.

-While I'm reading Chrysanthemum, I want you to listen to see if you can figure out what Chrysanthemum is grateful for.

-Read the book.

-What was Chrysanthemum grateful for? (her name)

-Did she always appreciate it? (no)

-Just like Chrysanthemum, we don't always appreciate the things we should, sometimes it takes a while for us to truly be grateful for things.

-Ex.  You might not always be grateful for your family, the may get on your nerves one day.  Then, you might finally realize that you need them and love them, and therefore you become grateful and thankful that you have them.

-What are some things you all are thankful for? (write a list on the board)

-Chrysanthemum was grateful for her name.  We are going to do an activity with our names.  Who has ever written an acrostic poem?

-We are going to write acrostic poems with our names. (show the example)

-Take each letter in your name and think of a word, or a couple words that will describe something you are thankful for.

-Give each student an "I am THANKFUL for" handout.

-As they work on their acrostic poems, walk around and help and encourage them.

-If time permits, have a few student volunteers share their poems with the class.

-Thank the class for their participation and remind them to let others know that they are grateful for them!

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