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Laura Loves Shane
Laura Loves Shane
Laura Loves Shane, but the question remains, can Shane love her more? Scientific evidence says no. Shane's heart would explode if he did, Says Dr Zeus PhD. The pressure that would be placed on the heart would cause the heart to litterally implode. Studies have shown that Laura Loves Shane as much as anyone can love someone without actually causing their heart implode. The effects of this would no doubt be deadly. Exercise does not aid in the strength of love someone can handle because love is not handled by the muscles that pump the heart. Dr's have studied why the effect of more love would actually cause this effect (implosion) and still have inconclusive conflicting evidence. No doubt in the future they will know just why this is the case. All studies conclude that Laura Loves Shane just as much as ANY HUMAN can love something or someone.
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wrong shane loves more
Anonymous | June 27, 2005

she loves him more..its so obvious!!!
science | June 27, 2005

wow - thats some serious loving
Anonymous | April 15, 2006

I am creating spaceships for all the people who love each other and who were fortunate and wise enough to find each other. You will get one per couple. There are no maps or guidlines its basically up to you. As an incidental bonus the ships travel at above the speed of light so there will be none of that growing old and in return we simply ask you spread your love around the universe with alien races giving the rest of us back on earth enough time to figure out what we are doing. xxx
UFO Mechanic | | April 06, 2007