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Pre Resource Book Image

Pre-Reading Resource Book

  • is for pre-literate, non-literate, and semi-literate learners. 

  • Develops visual discrimination skills. Contains reproducible masters for: Matching,, Tracing, Copying,, Writing 
    Letters and Numbers.

               Reproducible Price: $12.95


Practice With Your partner Image

Practice With Your Partner 

  • Practices foundations of literacy: Numbers - Times - Dates - Personal Information -Telephone Numbers - Money - Addresses.
  • Contains 16 cards for each topic
  • 32 students can be actively involved at one time!

    Teacher Book &Cards
    Price: not set

Starting To Read Book Image

Starting To Read 

  • Develops recognition of basic written English
  • Written with a 350 word vocabulary base!
  • Meaningful contextualized reading practice at sentence level
  • Topics Appropriate to All Students: Family, Home, School, and  Daily Activities
  • Activities include: Word Recognition, Grammar Practice, Guided Language Generation, Reading and Controlled Writing.

    Student Book Price: $8.95

    Teacher Book Price: $8.95

    Cassette Price: $14.95

Thumb nail image

First Words In English

  • It provides non-literate secondary and adult learners with survival oral and literacy skills. 
  • Addresses critical life skills competencies for School - Work - Health - Shopping - Emergencies. 
  • Focuses on the foundations of literacy: Alphabet - Numbers - Money - Time - Dates. 
  • Contains a variety of activities: Pre-production/Early production - Total Physical Response - Communicative interchanges - Pair information sharing

    Student book Price: $10.95

    Teacher Book Price: $8.95

    Teacher Resource Book Price: $19.95

    Cassette Price: $12.95

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