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My New School Image

My New School 

  • Covers important school content: Registration - Class Schedules - Health Office - Cafeteria - Library - Holidays - 
    After School Activities - Report Cards
  • Develops all four language skills - listening, speaking, reading and writing
  • Includes decision making skills such as comparison, analysis, problem-solving, and evaluation                          

    Student book  Price: $9.95

Social Studies Book Image

Social Studies 

  • Utilizes an integrative language approach to teach English in a Social Studies context
  • Each lesson contains activities for: Pre-Reading - Reading Passage - Reading Comprehension - Vocabulary - Grammar - Graphical Literacy - Guided Writing Exercises 

    Student Book  Price: $9.95

Let's Work Safely Book Image

Letís Work Safely 

  • For pre-employment, pre-vocational, VESL or workplace classes
  • Sample competencies include: Comprehending and giving safety instructions - Identifying safety equipment and clothing - Describing unsafe conditions - Reading safety signs - Reporting accidents

Student book  Price: $8.95


Teacher Book  Price: $8.95



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