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First Words Book Image

First Words In English

  • It provides non-literate secondary and
    adult learners with survival oral and literacy skills.
  • Addresses critical life skills competencies for: 
    School - Work - Health - Shopping - Emergencies 
  • Pre-production/Early production - Total Physical Response 
  • Communicative interchanges - Pair information sharing 

  • Student book   Price: $9.86  

    Teacher Book   Price: $8.95

    Teacher Resource  Book  Price: $12.95

    Tape  Price: $19.95 

Conversations Book Image

Conversations In English

  • Enables students to participate in everyday conversations.
  •  Develops reading and writing skills for accessing new information.
  • Sample activities: Listening practice - Guided and free conversations - Photo stories - Vocabulary.
  • development - Personal story reading & writing 

    Student book  Price:$10.95 

    Teacher Book Price: $8.95

    Teacher Resource Book Price: $24.95

Communication in English Book Image

Communication In English

  •  who are ready to communicate thoughts, ideas, and opinions in English both orally and in print.
  • Theme-based organization  Combines language acquisition with language learning 
  • Activities include: Pairs jigsaw Interviewing/reporting - Role playing - Problem solving Contextualized grammar practice - Critical thinking skills - Content reading 

    Student book:  Price: $10.95


    Teacher Resource Book: $24.95

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