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Dolls by Lee are produced in house
and are available for wholesale and retail.
Cynthia Lee Orgeron has been a doll artist, dealer and collector for 30 years.*

For information, please call us at

2 artist's concepts of an antique

9" repro Googlies, dressed by Cynthia, $130, ea.

Another artist concept of a Googly mold

A butterfly painted on her nose!!

6" repro antique Googly, dressed by Cynthia, handmade wig, $95.


German Character

German character Tiny Bebe head mold on 6" toddler body;

dressed by Cynthia, $110.


5" Dianna Effner mold head,

Rennaissance swaddle baby concept, created by Cynthia, $45.

6" Victorian era dollhouse doll,

sealy mold, Godey Lady, handbeaded silk and French lace, $195.

Left: 26" Dianna Effner "Jennifer" mold, inset eyes,

cultured pearl earrings, French batiste lace,

holds Effner Tiny mold baby with inset eyes,

silk batiste and French lace $450;

Right: 14" Effner "Jenny" carrying cloth doll,

painted eyes, French batiste lace, $165.

Right: AA Lucinda mold 22", vintage socks, shoes and undershirt, $195;

Left: modern artist music box AA baby, $45.

2 of many African American dolls and babies that Cynthia creates!

Effner "Emily" mold 18", dressed by Cynthia, $250.

tribute to Rosemarie Ionker's lovely patterns in "Closetful of Doll Clothes" book.

Effner "Emily" 18" as Alice in Wonderland with Rabbit

and black/white checked stand, $325.

Kay McKee of Clowns by Kay 16" mold, dark or light skin pictured,

dressed by Cynthia,

Left: Sunflower, Right: Shy Violet, $180 ea.

SFBJ French repro "Jewel Eyes",

mohair wig, victorian childs costume, natural leather shoes,

16", vintage flowers on hat, antique cut mother of pearl buttons, $180