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The Lacking Family

Lacking Family Pledge We pledge to bind ourselves to one another like branches from a tree. We Pledge to embrace and inspire our weakness, and to seek wisdom and understanding from our strongest to promote unity. We pledge to support each member of the Lacking Family tree. We pledge to encourage and pray with each member during time of trials and tribulations. We pledge to educate our illiterate, feed the hungry, and assist in the time of need. To each, we must show love, strength, and courage. We must be willing to keep the family together and show determination no matter what. We pledge to keep our forefathers and the reunion of the Lacking Family forever going strong, and in our minds and hearts. Finally, and most of all, we pledge to put God first in everything that we say and do. Written by: Sandra R. Lacking scrollbar-arrow-color:BLUE ;scrollbar-base-color:BLACK ; scrollbar-darkshadow-color:PURPLE ; scrollbar-face-color:GREEN; scrollbar-highlight-color:YELLOW ; scrollbar-shadow-color:PINK}

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