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~Celic Lady's World


Welcome All this is a good staring place to see all that is on my web site ...! These are my links to my world and more ..Be sure you come back and see what else is hear I will be adding more links the next time I update this page ...


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~All about me ~

~My Scrapbook Album~

~My Poem's ~

~Celtic Lady Poems of Love ~

~Celtic Lady Poem of Friendship~(under construction)

~My Blue Notes Poems~

~Stars Fan Page~

~Jason Isaacs Fan Page~

~Hugh Jackman Fan Page~

~Mel Gibson Fan Page~

~ Gary Oldman fan page ~

Errow Flynn

Liam Neeson

My favorite Movie Page

~ Kate & Leapold ~
~Braveheart Page ~
~Gone with the wind Page~
~ The Highlander ~
~ The Highlander Pages~
~ Gary Oldman fan page ~
~ My Greetings Pages ~

Place's in my Heart

~ California Dreaming ~

~ Land Of Tara ~ (Come see sights of Georgia )

~Welcome Ireland~

~Merry old England ~

~ Scotland The Brave ~


~ My Cook Book ~


My Enchated World

~ Knights and Ladys ~

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~St Bridget~


~Salute to all Sailors ~
~ To My Sailor With Love ~~
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Tuesday, January 24, 2006