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My Collections of Verse's and Poem's

Let us be merry before we go

If sadley thinking , with spirts sinking , could , more than drinking . My cares compose A cure for sorrow from sighs I's borrow, and hope tomorrow would end my woes, and death unfailing will strike the blow, then for that reason , and for a season. Let us be merry before we go. To joy a stranger, a way worn ranger , Im every danger my course I've run; Now hope all ending and death befriending, his last aid lening , my cares are done. No more a rover , or hapless lover, My griefs are over _ my glass runs low; Then for that reason,and for a season, Let us be merry before we go.

From Afar

You can make the darkness light, Because you make the sun burn bright. You can make the tides rise and fall, And you can always hear me call. You can make the world go 'round, And shake all that's bad to the ground. You can make this world seem vast, You always know the perfect spell to cast. Or maybe you'd like to keep things small, And make this a glorious world for one and all By just staying who you are, And let us love you from afar. To come so close to your magnificence Would surely be complete and total bliss. Though I can say I still feel it now. Even as I ask the question how, The answer comes back by way of the stars in the sky: You've left an impression on my soul that can never die.


Why do we dream and what paints these surreal pictures? I would not care to say. For every soul has their own story today. And today one dreams of the years past, Or lost loves that were never meant to last. Space, queens, or kings, Fantasy worlds and scary things. But I leave all this behind. There is but one consciousness in my mind. What is the thing that I focus on most? Your perfect love, yes I must boast, Is the greatest thing to happen in my life. You cannot quench it, shake it, or split it with a knife. This is the extent of the love I feel for you, And is why everything I must do, To place you by my side. To love you, hold you, to never chide. Now I think I have explained my purpose well. Forever, in my heart, is where you'll dwell. I will wake up in the morning and put other thoughts at bay. All I need to do is stare at the moon all day. For when the night comes down, It's you I have found, In my dreams forever. You will leave them never

A Little Rain

I found some old letters today Bringing up past memories that had gone away. Was life better that past day in the sun? It seems as though I had more fun. I know it wasn't always laughs back then, But I didn't care for the future around the bend. Ages pass and the years go by, And my heart lets out a cry. What memories from today might I forget tomorrow? I hope they're not all filled with sorrow. Now older, to the future I must look. Like reading chapters in an unfinished book. I want to smile and laugh, not pay a fine In the future, thirty-nine years down the line. In my head I hope things will always work out, But always is the word I have come to doubt. I apologise for this work of a lonely lane, But for all the sun we must have a little rain.

There's a Friend

For everything in life, there's a friend. They're there through every twist and bend. Each day brings waves of alternatives, But every night with a friend your heart lives. Even though the past we cannot change, A friend helps to make sense and rearrange. When we are young, life is easy. We can go inside if the wind gets too breezy. Even though, anymore, we can't watch our paper planes glide, Everyday can still be a magic carpet ride. We've got friends to help us tackle our fears. Now we can live our days instead of counting our years.

True Love

I want a love that will always have trust. Not a relationship based purely on lust. A love where friendship always comes first. A love that will stay true for better and for worse. A love that would never lie or cheat. And when things went wrong it could take the heat. A love that money cannot buy. I want a love that would never die.

Thinking Of You

I sit in my room thinking of you, hoping that you're thinking of me I really don't know what i'll do I guess I'll just have to wait and see I wish you didn't go away, I wish that you were near, I really wish that you could stay to chase away the harm and fear I lay in bed wondering what you're thinking of i guess i'll never know And here i am thinking of love Thinking how i love you so I sit here remembering of the day we met Knowing that that's something i'll never forget

Dangerous Minds

You held me close, you held me tight When I was with you it felt so right. Your touch so soft, your kiss so sweet You filled my heart, I was complete To hold you close, was all that I wanted But I found the truth; your heart is haunted One girl for you is never enough Three times the love, 3 times as tough You hid the truth, and kissed with lies I once had loved, but now despise. My heart turned to rock, and love to hate I won't bother at all; I realize your fate I'll spread the word, and stop your plan No innocent girl, will call you her man I made the mistake, and fell in love Ignoring the downfall, push after shove. Goodbye cheap man, hurt me no more Making it known, it was my life you tore Live your whole life, have all your fun Just remember I'm the one who said, "I'm done".

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