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Celtic Ladys

Poems of Love

these are my own poem I have written about love hope you like them ....


~ Always ~

Waiting always waiting Looking always looking Hoping always hoping Dreaming always dreaming Loving always loving Praying always praying Trying always tryingCoping always copingExpressing always expressing Feeling always feeling I’m all ways waiting, looking , hoping , dreaming loving ,praying, trying to cope with expressing my feelings of love for you

LAB Aug ,1997 All Rights Reserved





~ Love Is ~

Love is blind ,week, uncontrollable, conditional , unconditional . confusing , Vonerable , passionate ,burning , desires

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~When I look at you~

When I look at you .I see your warm smile and your bright light .I watch to see if you look at me . I can feel it burning at me . but do you do see me . It made me think you did believe in me . All those I have loved long ago . I see the goodness in the you. What was there was several tear drops from heaven away from the place our heart’s may be ..

LAB Aug ,2001 All Rights Reserved



~Penwheel Quilt~

To day I give you a pinwheel quilt. Ever cut with love every stitch with care.Tied with labor of love so when you look at each square. You always see me there .I’m the pen wheel and you are the air so blue so fair .You are breeze that is free to me to please. For we are apart of each other’s life. Like needle and thread.So sleep well my dear for each and every night you are not alone , Because you will be covered with love and care. For my heart will always be there around you to keep you safe from harm.

For C.A.S 1-5-2002

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~ Every Day ~

Every day I wake up with hope that you be there . I had always known you were a far weather friend .Truth be told . always know you didn’t care .But I dint care that you didn’t love me . I still cared any way I always hope to her your voice so clear and see your smile so dear to me . I felt so that they true because your blue. I was there if the truth be known Some were you did care but your were realy scared. But oh well some day I hope you will known what good thing you lost. This is so hard for me because I loved you so.

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