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~ Greatest gift lost ~

Can any one say that they have been truly loved ? Can they look back on there lives and say yes I was loved with some one whole heart?. I was Adored and appreciated thought of ,Comforted and consoled . Where they there when your life was at the lowest. If not you surely didn’t truly know deep love. But if you did and walked a way from it or you use and abused it. You surely have lost the one of god greatest gift’s of love …..

LAB Aug 28,2002 All Rights Reserved

~Did He ? ~

Was I ever loved by him . Did he feel the joy to knowing he was going to see me .Did his chest ever burn and feel warm with butterfly when he walked through my door . Did He race to see if a letter come from me in the days mail .Did he find love with in my arms around him . Did he miss my tough in the darkness of night . Did he love and miss my sweet kisses I gave to him .Did he ever have the dreams and wish and desire to see them come true . Did he ring to share his experiences of the day with me, Was I the first that he wonted to share it with .Did He think of me as he laid in bed Thought those long nights ahead . Did he long for me to be laying beside him . I could never imagine not ever not feeling these things for him . For I felt all these things for him and desired him and love him .For my heart aches to know that he never desired nothing that was love For I was his truest Friend , Lover , confident and companion . I will for ever wonder until my dying day if I meant any thing at all to him. Only god know the truth .

LAB Aug 28,2002 All Rights Reserved

~My heart is numb ~

I feel as if I had died As if I have disapered from this exsitance For my heart is so broken In to a billion trillion peices That no one can peice together I feel I was the queen of fools Althought he says I'm not ! For he gave me that crown I must go on and live my life agine I must forget those thousands of happy memories and buried all the bad one for ever. but I must never forget them as well cause this is one lesseon I must never have to do agine For all this I must make room for all the new one's to come I truly Never fited in the world I was just trying to face my self See what truly was there Lyes I was told were true to me but lyes to open my eyes to make me Free For I know I couldn't deal with or bare untill a world I didnt fit in showed me the way and then I could end what was truly a lye in a decade of a spiders web I found my end I just jumped in And set my self Free to Fly away and live another day agine

LAB Poems Apr 11,2002 All Rights Reserved


~ Heart of Stone ~

If our hearts not be like stone and be full of the blood of love , Hope, faith, joy and happiness. Forever condemned to carry this weight of our sins . Just for loving someone heart wasn’t true. Be loved, Lover, Friend and Companion. We are surely condemned with the pain and sorrow to the end. Through the miracles of forgiveness we can change our hearts.

LAB Aug 28,2002 All Rights Reserved


~ The Candle ~

As I sit along in the candle light and write my thoughts . I sip my wine and thing about what would have been . What could have been . I think of all the those young year of my life as a chapter closing and a new one opening . For I have been through this many time before .And this shall pass as the candle burn hot and bright and like our lives hear in the end the fire will dwindle and soon burn out and I shall be no more …….

LAB Aug 28,2002 All Rights Reserved


~Finding your true hearts love ~

For I can for tell the future your life will be a rocky road of pain and sorrow and be with regrets . One thing I know you will forever know your choices will come back to haunt you for ever more . For on your last breath as you close your eyes you will know then to find me there. Then you will know the truth . I was yours Heart true love .Then you will have to make amends with a forgiving heart , and then declare your true love for me , in the sight of god and the heavens .

LAB Aug 28,2002 All Rights Reserved



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