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Blessitt , Blissitt & Blessett Family

Welcome Kith and Kin to The Blessitt ,Blissitt and Blessett Clan Page . Of corese we are not a real clan but a family . I hope to keep adding to this web site more info on the History of the Blessitt's as I find it and keep adding more to it Thanks for coming and please come back agine soon.

If You Are Decendents of George Blessitt

George Blessitt born in England around 1748 The Son of George and Sarah (Blesst) He was Baptized in St Scplucre of newgate , London England. Not much else is know that I have found several Blessitts live in and near london many other name George as well.

Our George then was injailed Middlesex aka London England , 1761 Then transported on the ship named Thorton 1762,Around this time the ship landed in New Orleans, He was a Indentured servent. Some time later he finshed his time and apeard in South Carolina married to Nancy. Not much is know about her. There children are Stephens, Reason, Benjamin and several Daughters eventualy with his children moved to Butt Co, Georgia. and many of his decendents of his son Stephen live there lives in Louisiana and Mississipp as well. But of Reason decendents we are all still living in Georgia.

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