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Kaskaskia Tribal Descendants

The Kaskaskia Tribal Descendants

This site is being developed as
a web home and resource for descendants
of the Kaskaskia Tribe. It does not matter
if you are full- or mixed-blood. We have
the same ancestors and are part of the same
extended family. This site belongs to you.

For those of you who refer to yourself
as “only part Indian,” please read
Are you an Indian?
by Les Tate before you continue.

We proudly present our tribe,
our history, and our families.

The Kaskaskia Tribe & the Illinois Nation

The History of the Tribe and Area

Treaties and Documents

Forums, Friends and Family
(Then and Now)

Names, Language, Dress and Culture

Before you leave, please
be sure to sign the guest book
and include your descendency.
Others may be looking for you.

We especially request that you e-mail
the address of any additional site or
personal home page you would like to
have included in these pages.

We deeply appreciate the sensitivity of
Moon and Back Graphics and invite you to
visit their site to view the best web sets online.

Backgrounds inside the site were chosen
in honor of our forest dwelling ancestors from
iconBazaar's Summer Collection.

This beautiful midi is Buffalo Dance
by Elan Michaels.

Webmaster: Carol "Khaki" Scott
9-g-granddaughter of Mamenthouensa