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Waveland, Mississippi

Operation Eden

Here's a story about "bringing nature back" on the coast by planting new live oaks

Welcome sign

Almost 3 years post Katrina, Pearlington is beginning to feel the effects of recovery.

30 months post Katrina, Pearlington is 30% rebuilt, thanks to the help of One House at a Time,
where volunteers from all over STILL travel down to Pearlington to help them rebuild. Bless them all

Hard hit by the storm, this small town sat stunned by the storm for almost a year due to the fact that it is an unincorporated community. As such, there is no government to advocate for these citizens.

Thanks to the thousands of volunteers, Pearlington is coming alive again.

In August 2007, my husband and I drove through parts of Pearlington to record her come back.

The Recovery Center is still open

Utility lines are being reworked and strengthened

New homes are being built

But there is still a lot of cleanup to be done.

A few miles south of Pearlington on Hwy 90 is the White Kitchen Preserve.

Named after a restaurant famous decades ago this sign is all that's left.

The preserve took a beating from the storm, but it's retained some of its beauty as shown from this picture, taken from Hwy. 190.

A few miles down the road we spotted this Katrina-era sign which reflects the feelings felt by those that wanted to deter the scumbag looters.

Much of the town looks like this.

This old church, built in the late 1800s survived Katrina...

But not by much

Those trees were bent by the winds. The western eyewall of Katrina went thru Pearlington.

Most broken trees have kudzu or other vines growing over them.

Here's an album with plenty of Post-K Pearlington pictures.

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