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Jett's LSU Home Page
Jett is inducted into the Krewe of Ragoo

Shelby Joseph Chauvin "Gimppy Tiger" October 10, 1951-August 10, 2003

In our last visit, we said goodbye to our friend, GimppyTiger. And now, it is time to welcome to the world our newest Tigerette, Jordan, daughter of out friend Gabby.

As you can see, she is taking a schnooz with her proud Daddy and her newest companion. I wonder where she got that?

OK, here we geaux, my first game of 2003, and my first stop, as usual, is the Krewe of Ragoo to pick up my six-pack of Abita Root Beer from the Evil Twins.( they're not really evil, you know) Well, little did I know that Dad and Evil Twin had "conspired" to get me a KOR tee-shirt.

That's me with the Twins, my tailgating mentor, Ragoo, and the gentleman known as Toekao Tiger.

Well, after visiting with some of the Krewe members, I was ready for a root beer. Then, I hear my name being called, "Miss Jett, front and center, please." Who am I to argue.
As you can see, Ragoo has his mystical wand out . . . can it mean???

Yes! That lady is telling me that it is now "MY TIME" to be inducted into the KOR.

I am told to assume the position.

Ragoo raises his magic wand.




Ladies and gentlemen (and I use the term loosely)The newest member of the Krewe of Ragoo . . . Jett!

This is Mr.(soon to be Doctor) Coolidge. He came to congratulate me personaly.

This is Guzzlin Gil, one of Dad's golf buds and his little girl. He's intense.

And last, but by no way least, this is Mr. Hillbilly , aka Sir William of the Highlands. What a gentleman! Dad and Mr. Hillbilly could have talked for hours, bur I was tired and needed a blow..

NEW FEATURE. My Dad has learned how to add pages to my site. If you look to the bottom of this page, just above the counter, you can see the links to my other pages with more pics of me.

Hey Skip, if you need any free advice in your new job, gimme a call!

Alright, nobody asked me, but let me just opine that this new Abita Root Beer is better than Barqs. There, I said it. Special thanks to Ragoo and the Evil Twins for giving me my first six pack!!

If you have questions, comments, suggestions, yada yada yada about my page or if you just want to say hello, email me by clicking on the mail box

The mail will go to my Dad's mail box, so please, be discreet. He will see that I get your message, or else.

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"Heaven is a place, where when you get there, every dog you ever loved will run up to greet you." Anon.
Please come back and visit again! GEAUX TIGERS

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