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Listening To: "Not Gonna get Us" by Tatu

Wearing: A white T-Shirt with no sleeves and bluejean shorts.

Doodling: Lain

Talking To: Ordinary_Human & Demon_ninja_Hiei

RPG: Nope

Date: June 17 2003

Time: 7:43PM

Watching: Dextars Lab.

Doing: umm this

Eating: Mini ChocolateChip Cookies

Drinking: Sunkist

Thinking: What Should I make for Dinner. .hmm. .


Well Welcome all you Lain fans Vote 4 Me Peez! and Sign My Guestbook!!--

Lains GuestBook



Hey again everyone I have one update YAY!! well I'm part of another Anime List Thingie! YAY Vote 4 Me PEEZ!! I feel like im running fro President of something. .anyway and I added Links and crap I dug arround and found Lain sites that I thought were good ^-^ aheh and put up links and also links to my other sites YAY!! and I updates the "Right Now"thing YAY!! anyway look for updates and don't forget to Submit you Vote on the Poll!!!!!!! see yaz


Hello Everyone! I added a FanArt Section! YAY!! Well I might be blogging here but you know what you can cry ok ^-^; well anyway Yesterday I went to a Party at my Aunts house and earlier that day I was already doodling Lain for this site cuz well I felt like it. So My dad picked me up and I finished up that drawing his car. Then I went to my Aunts and whenever I got bored I Doodled Lain one of those "Im Bored So Im Gonna Doodle Lain" Dayz but It was fun by the last Sketch I got creative aheh well anyway theres a FanArt Section and if you have Lain FanArt you want to submit FEEL FREE I love looking at fanart so send in ALL your lain drawings I would be soo happy! and I would put them up just like send me your Name / and E-mail adress and you can send you Webiste if you like ^-^ ok my e-mail adress is on the FanArt page so ya well look for more updates maybe not as long as this one but ohh well ^-^ See ya and VOTE 4 ME PLEASE!


Hello again everyone. Well I have good news! well umm. .uhh errm. . .I put the Bout MEh Link on every oga and I joing VOTE 4 ME!!!! Anyway Im working on fanart as we speak . .and The Story Im working on to. I also added a "right now" at the left coloum so kewl!


Hey Everyone whoa. .its been a lone time!!! Well I Have Updates!YAY!! first off lookie at my pic before the update its so coolness!! I thought it looked like meh. Anyway I finished the Image Gallery!!! WOHHOO! wel its finished unless I find new pictures. .and I put up a Bout Meh page ^-^ the only link is on this page. .I'll put the link on the rest of the pages later its really late and Im tired and sick with the flu so yay! SIGN MY G-Book!


Some sections are up just click to see which ones still working on stuff pictures will be up as soon as I get some. Ok So Stay Tuned!


I would like to thank The Creator af S.E.Lain who made such an intersesting Anime Serise. I would also like to thank My friend Kelly who taught me allot about HTML. Also all those WEb Graphic site out there Especially the one that made this Layout. <3 YA! I will link some that I like Latez ok! Thats all