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My family
||| HoMe ||| My PiX ||| My FaMiLy |||
Here is a picture of my parents when they started to date. My Mommy was 21 and Daddy was 22. I think this picture was taken in St. Pete, FL. My parents grew up in the small town of Lake Placid and both attended school together.

They started dating in 2001 and Mommy ended up moving up to Tallahassee with Daddy while he attended school. They moved to Lakeland where they were married on June 14, 2003. Daddy really loves Mommy. He calls her Baby and Mommy calls him Pookie. :)

This is my Mommy her name is Liza. She really loves me a lot and I love her too. My Mommy sings to me at night and I like to snuggle up to her and listen. I feel so safe in her arms. I love my Mommy!