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Panchaganga Seva Sangh

Back                 SHREE KRISHNASHTAMI also celebrated as "DAHIKALA UTSAV".

In the month of Shravan (which falls in August) on the eighth day of the dark fortnight "Krishnaashtmi" is celebrated all over India. This is also the birth day of Lord Shree Krishna.

Lord Shree Krishna, in his childhood along with his companions would steal curd and milk from the house of maidens. After the birth day celebration of Lord Krishna at the stroke of midnight, the next morning in Maharashtra, is celebrated as "DAHIKALA UTSAV" by the devotees by breaking "DAHIHANDI" (earthern pots filled with curd or milk and butter), which are hung from ropes at some height, a symbolic recreation of Lord Krishna's youthful antics.

Since 1990, by the Blessings of Panchaganga Seva Sangh, 'N. M Joshi Marg Govinda Pathak' has been breaking Dahihandi all over Mumbai, every year. This Govinda Pathak.