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Miscellaneous Students: Episodes 11-20


I like Spica's look of confidence for this test! ...unlike Spica's sister, who looks worried.
On the left are Priscilla, Luna, and Spica... at least the three girls that can be seen clearly. On the right, though, are Priscilla and Luna, along with Lin Poo, but the girl on Priscilla's left... Spica? It looks just like Spica, but with all the wrong colors! Maybe it's her sister. But then, where did Spica go? Maybe she got up because Lin Poo wanted to talk to her best friend Luna, and so she went to sit elsewhere... nah, I'm not really believing it either.

The Chipette-voiced pageant contestant, crying her eyes out. Lolina--a student at Alfea, and another contestant in the pageant--seems to be trying to help her.

Here she is... Miss Magix.
On the left, the neat-looking Miss Aquaria. On the right, contestant #5, whoever she is. Not personally impressed, but whatever.

Three of these seem to get preferential treatment coming up. Reptile girl deserved more screen time!
On the left are, in order, Lolina, Miss Narcissia, Miss Flexia, and Miss Aquaria, partly seen. We'll see more of the last three later in the show. On the right, a few random contestants, though #14 looks particularly cool!

Believe it or not, I'm walking on land... I'm better than you!
On the left is Miss Aquaria, performing her talent of walking on dry land for the very first time. Doesn't work as hoped, though, when the Trix sisters put ice on her feet. On the right is Miss Narcissia, performing a gymnastic symphony, at least until the Trix pull the rug from under her, quite literally.

Not the world's greatest juggler. Once worked for Hugh Hephner.
On the left, Miss Flexia performing a juggling act, but the Trix sisters forcing the pins straight onto her head. On the right, random bunny girl.

Francis-like outfit! You'd think someone would eventually notice the Trix affecting the outcome of the pageant.
It's the snazzily-dressed bird girl! We didn't get to see exactly what happened, but I'm guessing the Trix were Alfred Hitchcock fans.

Poor little cadet. OK, can't really blame the Trix for wanting her gone, anyway.
On the left, the ultra cool-looking reptile girl! We really didn't get to see much of her, unfortunately. On the right, a random cheerleader. Yawn.

I feel especially bad for Miss Aquaria, what with her losing the color from her skin! I'd have liked to have seen more of #15, too.
A nice montage of all the contestants. On the top, random bunny girl, Lucy in disguise, no idea, no idea, no idea, reptile girl, and no idea, but static electricity girl looks cool anyway. On the bottom, Lolina, Miss Narcissia, Miss Flexia, Miss Aquaria, random girl, Stella duh, bird girl, and cheerleader. Miss Aquaria is interesting here: apparently her crash turned her pale! Poor girl.

Guess she's doing some last-minute studying. The girl on the top-left almost looks as if she were about to puke.  Yuck.
A couple of very rarely-seen classmates here. On the left, slightly poofy haired girl, with a cute overalls-looking outfit. Can't really tell exactly what it is, but then, she's not exactly one of the students who tries to stand out more, anyway. On the right, an average-looking girl on the top-left corner, with a girl on the bottom left who's trying to match her pants with her hair. Nothing much, but they're all rarely seen, anyway.


I need to think of a fan name for blue-haired fairy here.  Probably my favorite random fairy for whom I don't know her name.
Considering almost the entire episode takes place in Gardenia, don't expect many shots for this episode. But on the other hand, here's a shocking photo of Sandra and that common short-blue-haired girl on Earth! Why are they on Earth? Are they from Earth too? Leaves so many questions to ponder! A few other Alfea students are also seen in the distant backgrounds, though Sandra seems to show up a lot. Hmm....


Apparently the fairies of Alfea like Mirta! Proof that a fairy and a witch can be friends.
Poor Mirta, getting embarrassed in front of all her witchy peers... except they don't all seem to be witches! In the first picture, Lin Poo, Luna, and the short-blue-haired fairy can all clearly be seen. I'm especially curious why they used Lin Poo, when there was a witch in "Spelled" who looked similar to Lin Poo, but was clearly a different character! Or maybe--assuming they're sisters--Lin Poo was just visiting her sis. You can also see a troll-haired witch, but not the same troll-haired witch we usually see: personally, I prefer the one from "Spelled." In the second picture, the girl with glasses is used so rarely at Alfea, it's hard to say whether she's fairy or witch, since it's not like she appears at either location very often. As for Luna giggling with the bona-fide blonde witch girl, I guess it proves that witches and fairies can sometimes be friends. Then again, I've always thought the blonde looked more like a fairy, anyway. Actually, I'm pretty sure the fairy-looking witch there is the one from "The Search for the Flame" who seemed so sweet. So maybe she really is one of the less-evil witches at the school, even if not to the extreme level that Mirta is.


Help me, Luna! I wish I'd studied more, Priscilla!
Priscilla and Luna, looking nervously at one another. They actually hang out together a lot in the episode, so I guess they're good friends. Might be worth expanding on in a good fan fiction. They actually appeared together in "Save the First Dance" to--as witches at Cloud Tower! So witch or fairy, it seems these two will always stick together! And of course, they appeared together in "Miss Magix," along with Spica. Nice to see friends besides the Winx clique, even if we only see bits and pieces.

You're a bad, bad teacher. Yeah, Stella's in the picture too, and yeah, I'm not focusing on her, really.  So what?
As much as I want to say the girl on the left is Anastacia, I can't. Aside from wearing a very different outfit than usual, her hair is more squared-off at the top than Anastacia's, and Anastacia's hair didn't "split" like that as it went down. So who is it? Not entirely sure. On the right, though, is Lolina in the back, and the hat girl in the front, whoever she is.

Bloom's sleeping in class is funny. Combine this girl with the bird girl from Miss Magix and you'd have Francis!
On the left is Priscilla, of course, and two unknown girls. The one in the back looks like she may have been contestant #5 in the Miss Magix competition, but I can't make her features out well enough to tell for sure. On the right, a girl with a slight resemblance to Francis. Not sure who she is, but ya' gotta' love her anyway!

Our name's mud.
Wizgiz's class, with all the students except the Winx girls covered in mud. I guess the mud doesn't wash off easily, since you'd think they probably tried washing it all off. Then again, it looks like most of the mud washed off, so... I dunno'.

Guess that girl in the front got expelled.
Ortensia's there, but I'm more curious about the mystery student in the front, who I can't say I recognize at all.

Amaryl's sister is grumpy too.
That looks like Amaryl, except differently colored. Maybe her sister... bah, too many "sister theories" on my part, but it's just more fun than thinking the painter just miscolored the person. I mean, this girl is sitting right in front of Flora, just like Amaryl was a few seconds ago. Bah. I'm also curious about that girl behind Amaryl's sister and Flora--she looks like she's about to beat up the next person who looks at her the wrong way. Or maybe Wizgiz, I dunno'.

You can't fail me!  My sister was Miss Narcissia! Everyone always picks on poor Amaryl.
The girl on the left looks like Miss Narcissia, but without the red hair. More for sister theories! Guess she wasn't good enough for Miss Magix, though. To her right, a semi-neat looking fairy who doesn't show up often. Then there's Amaryl, of course, and that girl who looks like she's a carpenter with that hat.


It's a bird!  It's a plane!  No, it's Lord Darka... um, wait.  No.  That would suck if that were used on the actual show.
Again, the Luna and Priscilla duo. Spica's back, too... she's probably in their clique, too, but isn't quite as close-knit as Priscilla and Luna are, since she doesn't seem to appear with them quite as often. There's also that rare blonde who appeared back in "Save the First Dance," only with a different-colored outfit. It's the same girl, still.