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Miscellaneous Students: Episodes 1-10


I feel small. Glad Griselda found some other student to pick on besides me in the rest of the episodes.  I'm sorry for Bloom, though.
Here's Elanor of Delona, who we meet on the first day of school. She has a little trouble getting in the school, as Griselda has trouble finding her name on the attendance list.

I wish I could be popular.  With my luck, it'll just be all the girls around me who will be.
Stella and Bloom are standing prominently beside Selene, who they'll never really associate with. Too bad, since she looks sweet. For that matter, they don't yet know Tecna, either.

Shut up already!
Nope, sorry, no clue who these two are. The short-haired girl doesn't seem to be paying any attention to Griselda's lecture, though.

We're nobodies! Red-head looks like she has the same hairstylist as Selene.
In the first picture, there's Selene, Sandra, and I think that same short-red-haired girl from above. Sandra looks uninteresting, far as I'm concerned. In the second picture are two unknown girls and Anastacia on the far right, who looks like a snotty girl. Short-blue-haired girl looks fun, though!


Lots of students in Wizgiz's class. On the far left with the funny pigtails is Spica. Or Katy. The catgirl fairy. Catgirls are always a plus. In the middle is Ortensia, the prom-obsessed girl with the glasses. Mostly known for whining about the Army of Decay ruining the prom. Girl needs her priorities in order!

I should've been the last princess of Sparx!
Priscilla is the red-headed girl, and seems to be the single background character to appear more often than any other, as far as I can tell. She pops up a lot, anyway. Looks almost main-character-ish, like she could be the star of the show if Bloom didn't already hold that position. Kadija is the girl behind her, who also looks interesting.

We're better than stupid pixie girls! We're... err... fairies rule!
In the picture on the left, three bona-fide Cloud Tower students. Then again, the extremely cool-looking red-headed witch here doesn't look familiar to me. Guessing she wasn't used much. The troll-haired witch looks pretty nifty too. And the other witch... I dunno'. Just not as interesting. In the picture on the right, there are... are any of them witches, even? Priscilla and Luna are both sitting in the front row, and other known fairies are sitting in the back! I'm not sure who the two girls on the right are. Purple-haired girl looks cool, either way!

There's Spica, with her pigtails held back so they look like mouse ears. Ironic, no? Also a bunch of other girls. Not sure who they are.

Who am I?
Three more girls. Know who none of them are! But the one of the left is apparently a Star Wars fan! Love the Leia-like hairdo!


Nature!  Blech!  I'd probably get along well with Tecna!
Dalia. Or Francine. Take your pick. She doesn't seem to like being out in the swamp much, and complains, but in her defense, she was bitten by some sort of bug.


How Spica's new nickname became 'Mirta'. I'm like Garfield!  I don't eat mice!
In the first picture are many students in Wizgiz's class, including Ortensia and, on the far left, Luna. Spica is the one with the pumpkin for a head, until Wizgiz scares her out of the spell by putting a mouse in her face. Considering she's a cat fairy, Wizgiz is lucky she didn't eat the mouse!

I wish I could get to know these Winx girls better.
In the search for the Black Lagoon Cafe in Magix, the girls apparently ask for help from one of their schoolmates, Kaie. That sad puppy-dog look she gives when she's unable to help the girls, just feels so "awww." And then you realize they probably could've been good friends with each other if only they'd been roommates. Unless Stella didn't like her sloppy clothing. Stella's grown since the beginning of the school year, but it might have been a rough start between Stella and Kaie, anyway.


For their sakes, they'd better not be laughing at the Trix. Infiltration!
In the first picture are three unnamed Cloud Tower witches. Who are they? We don't know! Love the red-oddly-shaped-haired witch especially! And in the picture on the right, we see the frequently used troll-haired witch, as well as the blonde witch who looks more like a fairy, save for the expression on her face, and the pink/red-haired witch... something odd about her....


Pink-haired girl would look nicer with a different shirt.
A couple of seldom used fairies at Alfea. This was when Bloom was boring Stella with her dream talk.

Little does Musa know that ain't Lin Poo. The one on the left doesn't like the whole 'witch' look, apparently.
I love the witch on the left... the one that isn't Lucy. She's like a witch version of Lin Poo... I can almost see the two like being half-sisters, or something... plot bunny! Err... on the right, a couple of the usual suspects, along with a rather plain, though classy-looking witch.

Iron Goose fan! She's trying to be nice to Mirta, but nooo, she won't hear of it!
Punk rocker witch! Possibly the coolest random witch on the show! The thought of a bloody pulp fairy seems to excite her!

Lucy and troll girl don't like each other much. Random witch magical powers!  Yay!
Just a couple of random, cool shots of the witches. In the one on the right, we can even see a couple using their powers. Troll-haired witch seems to have some sort of electrical powers... other witch seems to have generic powers.

From this shot alone, the blonde looks like a fairy, and not a witch. This character needs a story written about her!
And here're the witches looking a little less evil. Then again, I don't really know if they're evil, so much as just kinda' "bad"... not evil like the Trix sisters, anyway. Here, they don't seem to like Icy's making everything cold... the pink/red-haired witch complains in a cute little voice. Hard to believe she's even a real witch....


The witches will want to know about the fairies' technology.
Well... that kinda' explains things. So she's a fairy. And a witch. Really, she looks more like a fairy, but then, it's impossible to know which one she's meant to be. Or maybe she's like Mirta, transferred to Alfea, a poor misunderstood... oh, who am I kidding? She was having fun chasing Musa in "Spelled"! So is she supposed to be a fairy, or a witch? Draw your own conclusions.

The Winx girls' classmates don't talk much. Tecna's feeling left out, being the only girl without blue hair.
Anastacia and Kaie, as well as unnamed girls are in the left picture. No idea who the one with the red shirt might be. Note the fairy-witch is there, too. In the picture on the right are Selene and the short blue-haired girl again. I like both.

Spelling Bee isn't a very good game. Tecna wishes to reunite Lin Poo with her long-lost half-sister.
The left picture has a lot of girls whom I don't know. Don't remember seeing the blue-haired girl before, though: reminds me somewhat of Selene, but eh... like the real Selene more. The girl on the right reminds me of one of the witches, except with a red shirt instead of a brown one. We can always go with the half-sister theory! In the picture on the right, from left to right, Lin Poo, Anastacia, Selene, and Sandra. Lin Poo is adorable! Not sure off hand whether I prefer her or her possible half-sister witch... Selene's great too, but we see her a lot more. Not that that's a bad thing!