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Brief Season 3 Episode Guide

53: The Princess' Ball: 8/10 The Trix sisters are sent to the Omega Realm, a frozen prison, encased in ice. Icy frees herself though, and frees her sisters as well, but are chased by snakes who will freeze them. Icy unfreezes a random prisoner, punished for eternity, to be a decoy for the snake, but when he stops the snakes, the Trix team up with him to escape, which he does so by turning the guards in Tides on the other side of the gate into his minions.

Back at Alfea, the Winx girls are getting ready for summer vacation, as Stella gets an invite to her Princess Ball, and invites the other girls with her. But while getting pizza, they run into Chimera, a bratty girl from Beta school, who the Winx girls get into an argument with, and who is also having a Princess Ball. Stella and Bloom go shopping to find Stella an outfit for the Princess Ball, and Stella finds the perfect one, but Chimera wants the same outfit, and the two fight to get to the store for the outfit first, but Chimera wins, and as it turns out, she says she'll soon be the Princess of Solaria. Later, at the beach, with the Winx girls and Specialists, a tidal wave forms, and they save the people in the water. A mermaid tells Layla that Tides is in trouble, and Layla is needed. The other girls want to help, but Layla says they can't go with her.

54: Beauty is the Beast: 7/10 Layla comes to Tides to help out. Baltor has had enough playing in Tides, though, and goes to Solaria to regain the power he had before his prison stint. Meanwhile, Stella and Bloom go to Solaria so Stella can prepare for her Princess Ball tomorrow. Stella is disgusted to find Chimera, though, but Chimera tries being civil. Stella is too upset for civility, though, and starts yelling at her for "stealing" her dress, making Chimera angry, and wanting revenge.

Chimera's first revenge try backfires on her, but Baltor agress to help Chimera and her mother, Countess Cassandra, who despises Stella, if they take him to the Second Sun of Solaria, and promise their eternal allegiance to him. They agree, though while passing Baltor on the way, Bloom gets a bad vibe about him. At the Princess Ball, Sky, Brandon, Flora, Musa, and Tecna arrive. King Radius presents Stella, and announces that in a month, he and Countess Cassandra will get married. Stella is furious at the thought of having Chimera as a step-sister, and that her parents aren't getting back together. Chimera gets her revenge, though, with a spell that turns Stella into a frog beast. Cassandra makes things worse by putting King Radius under a spell, to not realize the frog beast is Stella, so he orders the guards to attack. The Winx girls try to protect Stella, and try to get her to safety, but she's knocked out a high-up window.

55: Pretty, Pretty Princess: 4/10 The Winx girls save Stella for smashing into the ground below, but the funky rain Baltor made is draining the girls' powers. And the guards are still after frog beast Stella. Brandon and Sky hold off the guards, as the girls escape to an underground tunnel, avoiding the many dangers there, and eventually wind up in the fountain, and are picked up by Brandon and Sky in their ship. Meanwhile, elsewhere, Baltor tells the Trix of a girl at the castle who made him feel uneasy. The Trix recognize the girl as Bloom, and Baltor says she must be destroyed.

Back at Alfea, the girls go to see Concorda, to find a way to get Stella back to normal. Knut happens to be crushing on frog beast Stella, though. But the girls go to the other side of the Barrier Mountains, along with Brandon, Sky, and Timmy in the Red Fountain ship, to hopefully find the mirror of truth, which could maybe return Stella to normal. Unless it isn't meant to be. But the outside weather is attacking the ship, freezing it. Bloom comes up with a plan to make the ship dive, creating enough friction to heat the ship, but they aren't safe yet, as a giant bird grabs the ship....

56: Mirror of Truth: 7/10 The Winx girls, after a kinda' long battle, fend off the birds, and enter a cave with the ice spirits. The spirits tell Stella that the mirror will decide for itself whether Stella is meant to be returned to her normal self. She eventually finds the mirror, but becomes depressed, thinking it won't work, and she'll never look beautiful again, but Brandon and the other girls tell Stella that she's more than just a pretty face and nice body, but tell Stella of all her great inner qualities, and Brandon gives Stella a special gift. The mirror is touched by the love, and returns Stella to her normal self.

Back at Alfea, summer vacation is already over. Apparently extraordinarily short, too. Faragonda tells all the third-year students that to pass the year, they must earn their Enchantix, a special form that will give them all extra fairy powers. Layla is depressed, though, and tells the other girls that there's big trouble in her home realm. The Winx girls agree to help Layla out.

57: Mission to Tides: 6/10 The Winx girls, minus Stella, head for Tides to save Layla's realm. Stella, meanwhile, stays at Alfea, to monitor the situation on Solaria, as well as cover for the other girls' absense, claiming them to have the flu.

Over on Tides, Layla's parents don't want Layla's friends to risk their lives for them, but decide that they can make up their own minds as to whether or not to help Baltor. The girls first try to change a mermonster back to normal to measure Baltor's power, but only change one back for a few seconds before she turns back into a monsterous form. The Trix show up before long, though, but don't fight too well against the Winx girls. Icy does knock Bloom down beneath the sea, though, and a platform raises Bloom back above the water, where Baltor introduces himself to Bloom, warning her to stay out of his way. Though when it's clear Bloom wants to fight, Baltor says he will later, when she's not so weak. Layla flies over to directly challenge Baltor, though, making him angry, and he takes away Layla's vision, making her blind.

58: The Mermaid Queen: 4/10 Nova tells Stella that Cassandra is getting more and more taking over ruling Solaria, so Stella wants to go to Solaria herself to try to stop her. Griselda is getting more suspicious that something is amiss, though, and eventually figures something is up when she finds Piff, disguised as Stella, as well as the real Stella.

On Tides, the other Winx girls find a mermaid named Tressa, who was not changed to a monster since she was too afraid to fight Baltor. But she now wants to save her mother, Queen Ligea. She and the other Winx girls swim under the water and fight a kraken to rescue Ligea, who can restore Layla's sight with her magical sceptre with the sun's last rays of the day. She's near-fatally knocked out by the kraken on their way to the surface, and Layla uses the last of the sunlight to bring back Ligea, which gives Layla her Enchantix. She isn't happy, though, since she's still blind.

59: Royal Behavior: 7/10 Baltor and the Trix invade Espero and take its magical scrolls, giving Baltor more power. The Trix are upset that Baltor is paying too much attention to Bloom, but he warns them not to underestimate her. A bit later, Baltor goes to see Diaspro, who is still upset about the whole Sky-dumping-her-for-Bloom thing, and offers a vial of something for Diaspro to use against Bloom.

Meanwhile, the Winx girls return to Alfea, and Faragonda tells Layla that she can use her own healing fairy dust in her Enchantix form to restore her sight, which she does. Griselda then punishes the girls by making them shelve and dust books in the library, without the use of magic. Before the punishment, though, Sky invites Bloom to a millennium party he's hosting on Eraklyon, and Bloom has to finish with the library if she wants to go. Also before the punishment, an emergency assembly is assembled, warning the students about Baltor, and not allowing anyone to leave or enter Alfea without special permission. But the girls have cleaning to do now, and Bloom, being nervous about the whole party, gets some lessons from Stella and Layla, on how to be more princess-like. Ultimately, they finish cleaning, and they're allowed to go to Eraklyon.