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Last Resorts

...or Revenge of the Nerd

The group of ten are still on the cliff, with the creatures closing in. Flora says the fairies with their Charmix should fly away and save themselves. Stella and Bloom say no to that.

From above, the Trix sisters wonder who the creatures will eat first.

The pixies agree too, saying they won't leave, either. Timmy says he has a really good idea. Tecna gives Timmy a death glare. I have to wonder if Timmy said something different in the original Italian. I really love Tecna's expression, it's just that it seems unwarranted now. Timmy says that Riven knows the way through the net traps, but the monsters don't. Tecna seems to lighten up a bit now, saying this could work. The group runs toward the nets. Weren't they surrounded a few seconds ago? How did they get past the creatures in the first place to get back to the nets? As they're running, Timmy calls "code 19" to Poetman on his communicator. Tecna yells at him that it's not a time for gadgets. Remember this for later. Riven guides them to the center of the net area, as most of the creatures get trapped, but a hunter troll and a flying creature still make their way through the nets unscathed. Most of them all run off, except for Layla, who gets taken by surprise by the troll. She asks for help, but no one does. You'd think Bloom, Musa, or Stella could've flown to rescue her. Probably more the writers' fault, though.

From the cliff above, Icy complains about the Winx girls and Specialists getting away. The Trix teleport elsewhere.

Back with Layla, she runs back to the cliff, and the troll runs right on over. Actually, Layla does trip the troll, but it didn't look like the troll was going to stop in time before falling over anyway. Layla watches, but the cliff collapses, and she starts surfing down the side of the mountain. She eventually falls off her "surfboard," though, and tumbles the rest of the way down, as if she were a fat yellow bald guy trying to jump a gorge unsuccessfully. Amazingly, she seems unharmed. The troll looks like he's in pretty bad shape, though. Layla tries climbing back up the mountain, but it's too soft, and just crumbles when she tries climbing back up.

The witches free the creatures from their nets. Stormy gripes, complaining that the monsters here are all worthless and stupid. Icy agrees, and complains to Darcy that her monsters didn't do much good. So Icy, I guess it's not "your plan" any longer. Heh. Stormy, gleeful as a child, in a grumpy sort of way, wants monsters that they can ride on and control better. Stormy spots some dragodons a short distance away, and wants those. Darcy puts those under her spell. Stormy seems kind of surprised it worked. Darcy is somewhat insulted, saying that of course of worked.

The group of nine sits around a small stream. Timmy thinks running is a mistake, and that they should set some traps of their own. Piff flies toward them, babbling at high speed in her cute little baby talk. Bloom worries because Piff didn't find Layla. Stella notices a piece of fabric Piff brought back with her. Brandon tells everyone not to think the worst. Digit translates Piff's baby babble, saying that Piff is saying that she found the fabric on a cliff. Bloom asks Lockette to use the fabric to sense where Layla is. Lockette senses her general direction, but isn't sure whether or not Layla is OK. Lockette leads the group of nine to the edge of a cliff. Timmy says that they need to find Layla, but that they also need to set up a battle base of some sort. Sky says Timmy will be in charge of this. Tecna asks why Timmy gets to be in charge. She's getting kind of silly now, isn't she? Riven and Brandon vouch for him, saying he's aced every tactics and strategy class. Bloom starts down the cliff, saying she'll be OK, and then falls. But only a short distance. She assures the others that she is OK. Stella declares she doesn't want to watch, as she hates cliffs. As we remember from "Rescuing the Pixies," of course.


At what looks like a dried-up river, Timmy is giving instructions to everyone there. Brandon is chopping wood, as Sky and Riven laythe wood into a shelter of some sort. Timmy says there must be notches made in all the logs. Timmy also reminds Riven to set up a net behind a rock to the East. Riven says it's done, frustrated. Not far away, Musa and Stella are using their Charmix-enhanced power to magically lift rocks to hold back the water from coming into the now dried-up river. Timmy congratulates them for their good job. He also congratulates Sky on putting notches in the roof, reminding him that the roof must be totally collapsible. A short distance away, Flora and Tecna are working on a net, probably the one River set up earlier. Flora wonders when they'll finally get their Charmix. Tecna says they'll get it when the time is right. Is that a little jealousy I smell on Flora? Well, I guess it's not that negative a trait, but it's something! Timmy calls the two to where he is, at a pile of poppledop fruits. Musa and Stella put a spell on the fruits so that the creatures will become despelled when they eat the fruits.

Flora: Wow, You guys said all the right words and did all the right motions, and didn't even ask for my help. I'm impressed.
Stella: Believe it or not, I do pay attention in class.

And why would Flora think they would need her help, anyway? Especially Musa: since when has Musa ever been a slacker in class? Timmy asks Musa if she has enough magic left to go on a reconnaissance flight. Tecna Stella worries that Bloom has been gone a long time, as well as the pixies. Flora worries about Layla, too.

Somewhere in the forest, Layla spots a cave and goes inside, hoping it leads through the mountain.

Elsewhere, the Trix sisters are each on a dragodon of their own. Musa spies on them, flying above in a tree.

Darcy: Listen Stormy, keep your dragodon away from Riven!
Stormy: Don't tell me you still have feelings for that broody little lug!
Darcy: No! Gross! I just want to be the one to end the loser, that's all.
Stormy: OK, fine, but I call Musa! I get to trample her, so stay away!
Icy: Look, I don't care who tramples who, but I would like to call Stella, but otherwise, remember, we have to capture Bloom and take her back to Lord Darkar.

Darcy likes Riven. Not that way, but she definitely seems to enjoy messing with him. And it only figures that Stormy would have it out for Musa, in particular, after Musa alone stopped her from getting the Codex at Alfea a few episodes ago. Back at the work site, everyone is digging. Tecna doesn't understand what the Trix sisters are doing here, that it isn't like them to pick on them without some other objective. Guess Tecna forgot what Musa did in "Magic in My Heart" and what Darcy did in "Truth or Dare." Musa flies in and detransforms, warning everyone that the witches are coming and they're after Bloom. The Trio approach riding on their dragodons, knocking down trees. Timmy goes up on the shelter, and helps Tecna up. Tecna looks so cute here. The others all get in position. Riven grabs Musa from behind a tree, hiding under a rock. Riven says he could use the backup. Musa says "right." And by "right," Musa means "you aren't a good liar." Musa comes out, transforming via the Charmix sequence again, and uses her sound wave to create a giant wave over the dam, washing the three witches away. The dragadons go away, even with Darcy's mind control. The witches chase after them, soaking. The group of eight cheer.

Stella: So hey, does this mean we can, like, go back to lying around and doing nothing?

A flying creature answers Stella's question: no they can't. It swings down for Stella, Musa, and Flora.


In the cave Layla went in earlier, Layla realizes the cave is a dead end, and becomes afraid. She hears her friends calling for help, though Layla is upset because she can't help them, and starts crying. But then she becomes determined to get out of the cave no matter what, and she earns her Charmix. With her powers, Layla busts through a crack in the ceiling, and finds Bloom and the pixies not far away. Seeing them all right, Layla asks where the others are.

Back at the battlefield, it seems the flying creature chose Stella to cart off.

Stella: Drop me! Or no! Don't drop me!

Brandon jumps on the back of the creature.

Stella: Make it fly lower! LOWER!

Stella can be quite shrill when fearing for her life.

Stella: It's drooling on me!

She can also complain when fearing for her clenliness. Timmy tells Brandon to give it some of the fruit. Brandon does, which makes the creature drop Stella, fairly low to the ground, but it's still a rough landing.

The Trix sisters have gotten control of their dragadons again, and spot Tecna atop the little shelter. Icy thinks they're hiding Bloom in the shelter. Down below, Timmy gets the witches attention, giggles, and runs away. Tecna questions what Timmy is doing. Icy still has her eye on the shelter--Darcy likely does too--but Timmy has successfully caught Stormy's eye.

Stormy: Yeah, but Icy, check it out! We can't pass up a nerd run!

Icy agrees, and the three sisters go chasing after Timmy, who seems to be getting a kick out of all of this. Tecna worries. Nice for a change, since Tecna's been kinda' unfair with Timmy so far this episode.

Back with Bloom and Layla, they hear and smell something. There are weird poofy flowers around, and Chatta decides to play in them. She intends to bounce around on them, but instead falls flat on her face, as she, and the other pixies all start sneezing. Digit says the spores were magic-histamines. Digit doesn't actually finish saying the word "histamines" before she sneezes, but it's obviously what she was going for. Bloom and Layla seem immune, so it must just affect pixies. It's too bad. The flowers really did look fun, like Chatta said.

Timmy: Hahahaha, nerd on the run!

So, how is Timmy outrunning three dinosaurs, anyway? Dragadons must be pretty slow dinosaurs. Tecna continues to worry about Timmy, but he assures her that it's part of his plan, and Sky is about to help him out. Only Sky is late, leaving Timmy to worry. Right then, Sky comes out, riding a flying disc of some sort. Stormy tries shooting Sky, but she has typical villain's aim. Sky knocks her off her her dragadon.

Timmy: Come on, what's wrong with you witches? You can't catch a little nerd on the run like me?

Stormy, now riding with Darcy, warns Darcy to watch out for a trip wire Riven has set, but it's too late, and they're caught in a net, along with the dragadon. Riven's proud of himself, but Darcy immediately destroys the net. Duh. Icy is still chasing Timmy, though. Timmy jumps onto the shelter, then Icy and her dragadon jump up on it, and break through the roof, which seems to put the dragadon out of commission. It didn't look like a rough fall, really. Icy is fine, though, and demands to know where Bloom is. Sky demands to know what Icy wants with Bloom. Icy isn't telling until it's over. Timmy says it's going to be over in a second. Icy says Timmy will be the loser. Icy looks poorly drawn in her final pose before the commercial, looking strangely cute, likely unintentionally.


Sky: Your backup plan has a backup plan, right?
Darcy: How do you want to go? Psychic blast?
Icy: Icy tomb?
Stormy: Or a blast of lightning!

The witches decide to do all three at once, but before they attack, the Specialists' ship flies overhead, with a big gun blasting down the shelter. We see Helia is flying the ship, and we get a flashback from earlier in the episode, minus the part with Tecna yelling at Timmy:

As they're running, Timmy calls "code 19" to Poetman on his communicator. Tecna yells at him that it's not a time for gadgets. Remember this for later.

It's later. Apparently added in to rub in how Tecna was just being mean earlier in the episode. No one sees Timmy, though, but Musa spots him under the pile of rubble. The Trix fly away. No one goes after them, though, being more worried about Timmy, especially Tecna, who is sounding surprisingly emotional. After getting Timmy out from under the debris, Timmy apologizes for messing up, and tells everyone that they should've gone after the witches instead. Tecna and Timmy get very close for this conversation.

Tecna: What are you talking about "messed up"? You were a hero today, Timmy. You were totally amazing!
Timmy: It was just a bunch of tactical decisions based on proven battle strategies. I mean, it was nothing special. Hey, it's just what we do.
Tecna: I feel like I almost lost you today, and it made me realize I've been mad at you 'cause you wouldn't make the first move, but really that's just me being scared of stepping up myself and telling you how much I absolutely adore you.
Timmy: Why are you crying, Tecna?
Tecna: I have no idea, I didn't even know I could cry!
Timmy: Well, those are tears, Tecna, but you're not sad, so it seems illogical!

It's a really sweet moment. For the first time, the thought of Timmy and Tecna together doesn't annoy me. Tecna's gushing, and Timmy's imitating what Tecna would normally say, about her crying being illogical... cute! And Tecna gets her Charmix! And Layla and Bloom and the pixies return, conveniently after all the action is already done with.

A little later, with all normal again, save for the pixies, Flora says all the creatures are back to normal. Helia says that he has always wanted to see the flowers here, that he's heard they're beautiful. He's talking to you, Flora. I don't think the pixies want to see anymore flowers here, though. The pixies are all sick, and feeling miserable. Layla says the only cure for them is tea brewed from the flower of life.

Helia: I think I'll stay and check out the realm's natural beauty.
Flora: Have fun, and tell me what kind of neat stuff you find.

In case he was too subtle before. The others tease Flora. Tecna explains to Flora that Helia was trying to see if Flora wanted to stay there with him. Flora says she knows she blew it, but hopes there's another chance.

Other Stuff

I quite enjoyed the episode. We had the witches attacking, we had screaming Stella, Piff babble... all just clicked nicely.

Dare I say it? I dare. Timmy was not annoying in the episode, for a change. Heck, he was even kinda', dare I say, cool, coming up with his plan, tempting the witches to chase after his nerdy self--he really embraces being a nerd, doesn't he--and making up with Tecna and... meh. Still not too wild about that relationship, but at least it felt better today.

And Tecna... I dunno', she seemed pretty easily annoyed by Timmy in this episode. I'm guessing it had more to do with what he wasn't doing than what he was doing--namely, that he wasn't opening up to her like she wanted. Then again, we got to see Tecna worry about him, and we saw her whole attitude basically a front... all seemed sweet.

I am going to take a not-so-wild guess that Flora will get her Charmix when she finally lets Helia know how she feels about him. Call it a wacky hunch on my part.

Piff was just babbling on non-stop before the first commercial break... I didn't think she'd ever stop talking! Or at least her version of it.

If I were a kid, I could easily see myself wanting to bounce around the poofy flowers like Chatta tried to do. It did look like it would've been fun. She probably got scolded by Tune and Digit, too.

10 out of 10 on the old scale.