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Trouble in Paradise

...or What's That String on Bloom's Ankle Called, Anyway?

The six Winx girls are lying on the beach. The pixies play near the water, with Tune using her umbrella to avoid being splashed. Bloom asks a question from a silly Teen Fairy quiz, asking what the other girls would do if they liked a guy who didn't share their musical tastes. Musa would dump him. Flora would accept him. Layla says she'd want it both ways, to use magic to change his taste. Stella poses in a plain-looking orange-red one piece swimsuit, and asks the other girls what they think of it. Bloom says she looks like a lifeguard. Stella wonders when the boys will finally drop the whole "protection" act and start hanging with the girls. Layla says they're just following their important assignment, but Stella says they're having fun out there, riding skijets, without them. Stella's got a good point. Doesn't really look like they're honestly just patrolling the water for the girls' protection. Layla wishes they would let her ride on one. Musa asks Stella to take the Teen Fairy quiz with them. Stella says she's sick of those quizzes, and says that at least she's wearing a swimsuit, that Tecna won't even change outfits. Tecna complains that she cannot wear a swimsuit because she burns way too easily.

Stella: OK, you know there is this amazing thing called sunblock.

In Tecna's defense, maybe she just doesn't like the slimy feel of sunblock. Then again, is it really worth missing out on all the fun? Timmy comes to the beach and gets off his jetski, and Layla hurries onto it before Timmy even notices what's going on, and she takes off immediately.

In Shadowhaunt, Lord Darkar starts one of his usual monologues, telling the Trix sisters that with the four pieces of the Codex put together, he'll be able to enter the realm of Realix, and soon, be able to rule everything. He puts some sort of spell on the Codex, and tells the sisters that the vortex is opening.

Stormy: Come on, enough with the speeches, just make it happen already!

Completely agreed, Stormy. Darkar talks too much. Back on the beach, everyone except for Layla and Stella are playing volleyball, with Kiko keeping score. The volleyball looks like a fat, floaty pink fish. Wonder where they got the balls. Musa mentions that the boys were supposed to be on guard duty. Brandon and Sky explain that they are, and that they're just pretending not to be, to confuse the enemy, a method endorsed by Codatorta. And we're sure you boys are only pretending to have fun. Yah. Stella is watching from a short distance away, as Layla returns from the forest carrying firewood. Stella asks when they're going to the hotel, but Layla says she doesn't think the realm has a hotel. Stella worries about how she'll stay warm, and Layla says that's what the firewood is for.

Layla: Why don't you go swim or something?
Stella: Do you know how much I paid for this swimsuit?!
Layla: Wait a minute Stella: so does that mean you can't get it wet?
Stella: Mnh-mnh-mnh.
Layla: Uh... OK, you're kidding, right?
Stella: Mnh-mnh-mnh.
Layla: So you just got a swimsuit for how it looks? What sense does that make?

Stella storms off, complaining about it being a stupid vacation with no hotel and having to sleep in the dirt, and also irritated with Layla's questioning her swimsuit choices. The others have stopped playing volleyball by now, and are watching all of this transpire.

Back in Shadowhaunt, Lord Darkar complains that he can't open the vortex yet. The Trix sisters are quite upset, and Icy complains about all the work they did to get the Codex pieces. Except the one at Alfea. They really didn't have to do anything for that one, did they? Darkar complains that he needs both the dark and the light to work it. He says he needs Bloom's dragonfire.

At night, around a campfire, the group of ten hang. Sky asks what the girls are doing tomorrow. Stella grumps. Flora wants to check out the flowers in the forest. Musa wants to write a postcard to her Dad. Tune approves of the idea. Without being able to use magic, Musa gets excited about having to use regular old pen and paper to do it, and Layla can make pictures, and they can make collages. Riven complains about having to provide 24-hour security just so the girls can frolic around on the beach.

Back in Shadowhaunt, Lord Darkar finds the girls in the resort realm. Stormy and Icy are mad that they get to have fun. I guess they were expecting the girls to mope around or something, hearing that they got all four pieces of the Codex. Darkar explains that it'll work to their advantage, since it's a magic-free realm. Stormy questions the logic here, noting that if it's a magic-free realm, then they wouldn't be able to use magic either. Darkar explains that they'll be able to overcome that with their powerful Gloomix. Guess the pixies have some ultra-strong magic that allows them to keep their magic, too. Or something. The Trix sisters teleport to the resort realm.


In the forest at night, the Trix sisters appear. Darcy is sick of running errands for Darkar. Stormy calls Darkar lame. Icy agrees. I guess Icy's crush on Darkar is over. They seem to be forgetting that there's a good chance Darkar is watching their every move. I mean, it's not to his face, but he's still probably listening in. Darcy says she can control the beasts in the forests to do her bidding. Icy likes Darcy's idea. Darcy's idea. As in Darcy, and not Icy, was the one who came up with the idea. Remember this.

The six girls are in sleeping bags in a large tent. The six pixies are in miniature sleeping bags. Cute. Animal noises wake Bloom, who gets out of her tent, and sees Sky standing guard. Bloom's wearing a cute little shirt that looks way too big on her. I like it, anyway. Bloom says the noises are worrying her. Sky says it's just a hurglisaur. He then goes on to say that he's read that the males stay up all night just to make sure the females can get a good night's sleep.

Back with the Trix sisters, some dinosaurs, possibly hurglisaurs, come to Darcy. "Darcy Warcy" commands the creatures to destroy the people in the forest, that they're hunting them and destroying their habitat, but to bring back the redhead alive.

The next day, back on the beach with the gang of ten, the pixies are still asleep, as Layla takes some pictures on the beach. Tecna gets all excited by writing a letter by hand. Flora asks Layla to come with her later to take some pictures of the wildlife and animals in the forest, and Layla agrees. Layla makes fun of Stella for just getting up. Stella says she's just not used to the sun cycle here. Layla asks Stella if she wants to make a postcard for her parents, but Stella corrects her, saying it would be postcards, as her parents are separated, and Stella irritatedly walks away. Bloom tells Layla that it's been a rough couple of years for Stella, and she doesn't like talking about it. Layla says she didn't know, and decides to walk off by herself, with Piff, into the forest.

Some non-dinosaur animals run and growl, and stuff. Not too far away, Layla sits on a log by a pond, complaining that she's just no good with friendships. Because we all know how you and Musa get along so horribly. It's not friendships, Layla, it's friendship, without the s. Just that you and Stella are quite different, and just don't click as well as some of the others.

The boys are sitting around in lawnchairs. Timmy says lounging around on the beach beats sitting at a computer. The others poke fun at him. Meanwhile, Bloom tries to excite Tecna, saying that she's agreed to her first makeover. Stella worries that she hurt Layla's feelings, and wants to go find her, even turning down the offer of making Tecna over. Stella says she's been upset because of the lack of luxury around. Bloom is shocked that Stella's turning down a makeover.

In the forest with Layla, she hears something, and asks "did you hear that"? She then takes Piff out of her hood, telling her that she wasn't talking to herself, but to Piff. Not that Piff was really going to answer. Stella shrieks "boo" right behind Layla, scaring her. The two walk, and Stella apologizes to Layla for hurting her feelings, that she just says things sometimes because she's insecure, and that she really does want to be friends with Layla. Layla accepts, saying she wasn't really hurt. She was, of course; Stella isn't the only one here who's insecure, after all. Stella starts glowing, and gets her own Charmix. Stella's excited, and Layla is excited for her too, but they then hear a noise. Stella gets nervous, and Layla notices the creatures. Stella gets more nervous.


Back with Stella, Layla, and the creatures, Layla asks Stella if the Charmix might work. Stella figures it's worth a try, and transforms, using a different transformation sequence from usual one: it's the special Charmix transformation sequence, including a little pouch on her waist, and apparently, it's powerful enough to overcome the "no magic" gook the realm is stuffed with. Stella powers up, and blasts the creatures, then goes back to her previous outfit, saying she isn't sure she can do that again. So I guess the Gloomix is still more powerful than the Charmix, since the Gloomix does not seem to tire the witches in this realm. Advantage Trix. Stella and Layla run off.

Back on the beach with Bloom, Flora, and the pixies, Bloom says that she feels Layla hides how she feels sometimes. Flora says Stella does too. Amore and Lockette are confused. Lockette asks if they mean that Stella lies to them. Bloom explains that isn't what she means, that she just doesn't like talking about her feelings. Chatta runs on, blabbing about how she always talks about her feelings, not caring that no one's paying her any attention. Tecna asks if they can talk about something else, that they've been talking about emotions for an hour. Riven agrees, and doesn't understand why everyone wants to talk about their little emotions. Musa runs after Riven, complaining how he just dismissed "their little emotions." Not sure why Musa's making such a big deal about it, really. He's Riven. What's she expect? Musa pouts.

Riven: What's so great about sitting around and talking about your feelings? You never do.

Ha! Good one, Riven. Back with Stella and Layla, Layla and Stella are running away, as Layla pushing down on a log that trips the creature chasing them as it tries jumping over the log.

Back on the beach, Bloom dances, Tecna draws some sort of geometric figure, and Flora looks at a flower.

Riven is walking through the forest, and notices animal tracks on the ground he finds unusual.

Elsewhere, Musa is also walking through the forest, with Musa pouty. Musa hears rustling and gets startled, but it's only Brandon. Brandon tries giving Musa advice about Riven, telling Musa that when Riven says he doesn't want to talk about feelings, that he means that talking about feelings scares him. Brandon says it's not so different from Musa playing it cool all the time; Musa goes on the defensive, saying she's always up front. Brandon asks if Musa's ever told Riven that she likes him. Musa says "well, not directly." In other words, no. Brandon asks what's stopping her, telling her to go ahead and do so.

Stormy and Icy are casting spell nets on the ground somewhere in the forest.

Stormy: What if Darcy's plan doesn't work?
Icy: It was my plan, Stormy, let's get that straight.

You know, Icy, what's the point? Stormy was there when Darcy came up with the plan, so what's the point of pretending you came up with it, Icy? Musa continues walking through the forest, as she spots Riven. Riven is watching Darcy doing something with the creatures. Riven says the other witches are building traps. He says they should warn everyone, but Musa says he should stay. Riven figures it's so he can figure out where the traps are. Before she leaves, though, Musa has a little awkwardness to add, saying she likes Riven a lot, but tells him not to panic, that he doesn't have to tell her he likes her back right now. Riven makes a lot of faces, as if he isn't sure what to think. Considering Musa's weird timing, it's completely understandable, too. Musa walks away, realizing it was awkward, but still feels proud of herself for telling Riven how she felt. Musa then glows and earns her treble clef-shaped Charmix. She gets excited about it, naturally.

Elsewhere in the forest, Stella and Layla are still running from a creature, as they're caught between it and some more in front of them. Stella calls upon her Charmix once more, and shoots a distress flare sort' thing into the sky, alerting the others, but her power wears off immediately. Brandon seems in a particular hurry.

Layla: OK, when they leap at you, sock 'em right in the ears.

Heh. Layla's done this sort of thing before, it seems. Brandon wields his holo-sword, battling off a creature, and kicking another. A hunter troll comes to attack from behind. This one also has nipple rings, just like the one from last season. I guess it's considered high fashion among trolls, or something. He knocks it out, too. Stella declares his actions awesome, and runs up to him, excited.

Stella: Are you OK?
Brandon: Well, my lips kind of hurt.

And of course, they kiss. They're really about the most belong-together couple on the show, aren't they? Stella seems surprised to see the whole gang of ten there, minus Riven. Brandon's glad they are there, though, since even more, bigger creatures are surrounding them.


The group of ten, minus Riven, run off, as dinosaur creatures chase after them.

The Trix, not far away, hear the screaming and growling, and hope the creatures can force them into their traps. Riven is spying on them, then heads for the others. Icy says she likes watching fairies squirm in nets. And of course, nets are a fairy's one weakness. That's a different show, though.

As they're running, Flora complains that it doesn't make sense for these creatures to be chasing them, that they eat plants. Maybe most of the creatures, but I distinctly remember the troll from last season. That was not a peaceful creature. I guess Flora's probably referring only to the dinosaurs, though. Brandon and Sky try attacking to hold them off. Chatta helps, shooting a little, useless blast at one of the trolls. Still seems odd that the pixies still have their magic. Eh.

Chatta: I'm not just going to float by while you're in danger.
Flora: Thanks, but one wrong move and you're a pixie pancake!

Lame on Flora's part, but nice to see Chatta's feistiness. An ugly flying creature is about to attack Bloom. Musa activates her Charmix to use maximum volume knock out a creature--a completely different creature from the flying one attacking Bloom, but this somehow protects Bloom from the flying one. That was a really bad little sequence there, that made little sense. Bloom is excited to see Musa's got a Charmix too. Musa explains that the creatures are being controlled by the witches, and to come on. They all question what the witches want, if a piece of the Codex is there, or if the witches just want to mess with them. As they're running forward, Riven appears, and tells them to stop, that there's a trap ahead. He says they can avoid the traps if they step where he does, avoiding the nets. There are still creatures following, though, and they're trapped between the creatures and a cliff, with a long way down. No one is sure what they can do to escape.

A short distance away, the Trix gloat to themselves about the Winx girls' and Specialists' position.

Other Stuff

It was quite enjoyable, despite not much epic, or drama, or much... just the girls, Stella and Layla becoming closer, Musa finally telling Riven how she feels, and a lot of Trix bickering.

Stormy rocks. Harder. Her complaining about Lord Darkar's incessant monologues--he really does talk too much--to complaining behind Darkar's back about him, and not being the one who tried to pretend she came up with the plan. Speaking of which, does Icy think Stormy's that gullible?

If Tecna needed to wear all of those clothes because she sunburns easily, then why was she still wearing all those clothes at night? Maybe she's embarassed by her body?

8 out of 10 on the old scale.