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The First Charmix

...or Flora Vs. Avalon: The Battle for Palladium

The six Winx girls enter Miss Faragonda's office. Faragonda tells the girls that things have been tough, and that the girls must be pretty worn out. She continues that they have to pull together, and be ready for the next battle.

Flora: Well, I hope we can do it.
Stella: "I hope we can do it," come on Flora! With that kind of attitude, we might as well just give up!
Musa: You are the one with the bad attitude!
Stella: And you're like Miss Positivity?

Stella's got the pseudo-sweet voice and even hand gestures to go with her mocking of Flora! It's catty, but I can see her getting tired of Flora. Also liked her comment with Musa, too: Musa's hardly one to talk about having a bad attitude, considering the whole recent thing at Cloud Tower. Yeah, like Musa doesn't have one either. Faragonda says she needs the girls to stop arguing with each other and start acting like a team again, and that she's taken drastic measures to help with that.

Palladium and Avalon are walking through the forest. I can sense the Palladium/Avalon 'shippers devouring this scene, though honestly, it seems one-sided on Palladium's part. Avalon seems to just be, well, "using" him, we could say. Still, we know all the Palladium/Avalon 'shippers are gonna' just take the scene for what it is. Palladium gets all excited when he spots a golden mercury flytrap, which snaps at him. Palladium sure does enjoy nature, considering just last year, the whole nature thing made him uneasy! Didn't even seem scared when the plant tried to bite his finger off! Avalon couldn't care less. He walks off, spots a poisonous norsythia, and dares it to hit him. The norsythia spits at him, knocking him down. He chuckles evilly to himself, as if it were all part of some grand master plan.

Faragonda says she's sending the girls on a vacation. Tecna complains, saying that Lord Darkar could attack at any time. Faragonda says that the girls are in no condition for fighting him, and that they must take the vacation to regroup and become friends again. She tells the girls of all the habitats that they'll find at the resort realm, and shows them all the habitats there.

Back in the forest, Palladium seems to have successfully picked the golden mercury flytrap, and says it's such a perfect day, but then throws it aside when he sees Avalon down on the ground. He suspects a nearby norsythia spit on him.

Back with the girls, Faragonda shows a monitor showing the resort realm. For some reason, it has Price is Right-like "come on down" lights circling the screen. Guess Faragonda likes the show. Guess it's true that older people like it. Faragonda says that the girls can pick up ski gear at the resort realm galleria, and that they can use the school credit card. Stella gets excited over thoughts of shopping, and Layla complains that shopping is all Stella ever thinks about. Stella complains that they're not all tomboys like Layla. Faragonda explains that this is exactly why they need to take the vacation. She also says that their magic will not work in the resort realm, so the boys are going with them as protection, but that since it's an official assignment for them, they cannot socialize. You can probably guess what four boys are going, too. Would it not have made more sense to pick a team of specialists to go with the girls who weren't these girls' boyfriends? I mean, first and foremost, the trip is for bringing the Winx girls closer to one another. Isn't that more important than some stupid little Red Fountain temptation assignment?

Somewhere else in the forest, Livy and Kiko are sleeping at a small rock. I guess Kiko gets along better with the pixies who aren't Lockette. A letter appears before Livy, and Livy surfs it.

Back with the girls in the hallway, Flora can't believe they're the boys official assignment. Stella is more upset that they're not allowed to socialize wth the girls, though. Musa says that Stella won't be allowed to call Brandon "schnookums," but Stella quickly reminds her that they are allowed to socialize; the boys just can't return any of it. Stella says they'll be socializing within a day, anyway. I still think it's a dumb assignment on Red Fountain's part... enough of that, though. It is what it is, I guess. And isn't it stupid to put pressure on the girls' like that, to keep themselves from not flirting with their boys? I mean, the vacation is supposed to help the girls get along better, not for stupid mind games like that!

Back in the forest with Palladium and Avalon, still down on the ground, Livy surfs by. Palladium explains the situation, and tells Livy that the only antidote is in Pixie Village, and that it's important that she goes there, that Avalon could die otherwise. Livy is about to surf off, when Palladium stops her, telling her that he hadn't yet told her what the antidote was. Palladium says the antidote is a few drops of the essence of the flower of life, and that it loses its potency quickly after being collected, so she must return quickly. Livy goes off, referring to Palladium as sir, then returns, thinking she should've called him "prof" or "professor" instead. Palladium yells at her to just go.

Lord Darkar is watching all of this, happy that they fell for the trick involving Avalon, and calls for Icy to follow Livy to the Pixie Village. Icy's kinda' ugly-drawn here, with extra-thick lines for some reason. Icy says she'll take the gatorhounds with her.


Chatta is psyched about skiing, as the Specialists, minus Helia, come. The girls are all excited about coming onto the ship with the boys, except for Layla, who seems upset about having to go. Tecna tries saying hi to Timmy, seemingly as if they'd made up off-camera, but Timmy just says he's on official duty. Which may be true, but I have this feeling that Timmy's secretly enjoying that he isn't allowed to socialize, just so he could have a lame excuse for not flirting with Tecna. Musa says hi to Riven too, who just gives his usual "hmph." Again, isn't that usually his attitude most of the time? Musa and Tecna give a collective "boys" sigh.

As Livy gleefully flies through the forest, Icy and the gatorhounds follow closely behind.

Back in the forest with Avalon and Palladium, Palladium picks up a limp Avalon, saying that he'll take care of Avalon.

Back on the boys' ship, they almost run into a pterodactyl. Tune says that it needs air traffic etiquette lessons. Only you would say that a random unintelligent animal could learn manners. Sky asks Bloom if she's all right, but Bloom yells at Sky about his breaking the socialization rule, then apologizes for yelling at him, that she only wants him to do well with the assignment. Considering the girls are supposed to be on vacation, it's unfair to expect them to have to be uptight like Bloom is. Really bad idea on Red Fountain's part to make it an official assignment, and send the girls' boyfriends. If only so the girls could relax!

Amore: I must say, I don't like these rules at all.

Thank you, Amore! Back with Livy and Icy, Livy flies recklessly through the forest, as she hits a tree branch, falls, and faints. Icy comes up to Livy.

Icy: A cross between a bug and a person, what a truly disgusting thing. I would swat you, but I need you.

You'd think Icy would like it if she really thought it was disgusting! Icy wants to kill Livy, but instead wakes her up, realizing that she needs to find out where the Pixie Village is.

The six Winx girls are clothes shopping. Flora finds a fake fur she likes.

Chatta: That's adorable! I wish they had it in my size!

Too bad for Chatta they don't seem to have clothing stores in pixie sizes. She really is like a tiny Stella, isn't she? Flora finds one that's biodegradable, though, that she also wants. Stella tells her she should just get both, that a girl needs options. Layla is bored, and wants to hurry out of there and hit the slopes. I can relate, Layla. Well, not the hitting the slopes part, but still. Stella says they still need to buy make-up after the clothes. And we can see why Layla and Stella aren't the closest friends in their clique: Stella's too girly, Layla's too tomboyish, and they just don't seem to see eye to eye much.

A small distance away, Sky worries about going a whole week without socializing. Brandon tells Sky he just needs to learn to chill. Sky asks "schnookums" if he's sure he can handle it.

Elsewhere, Musa's trying on a stupid-looking jester-ish hat with cotton balls on the ends. Musa asks Riven if he wants to get dinner tonight. Riven says he isn't allowed. Musa angrily tells Riven he should just do a perimeter check, then. Riven goes up to Musa, and tells her that her hat is kinda' cute. It's stupid, actually. Musa reminds Riven that he's not allowed to socialize, apparently seeing Riven is going to break the rule as he likes. Riven says he's still allowed to be polite, friendly, and cordial. As if saying the obviously ugly hat was cute was polite, friendly, or cordial. Musa throws the hat at Riven.

Livy returns to Pixie Village, saying "apex azimuth" to enter. Icy says the same so she can enter. Lord Darkar watches from Shadowhaunt, excited that the fourth piece of the Codex will soon be his.

The group of ten look up at Sunset Mountain. Brandon says the view from up there is great. Lockette thinks it looks high and scary. when the car comes to bring them up to the top of the mountain, Tecna questions how they will all fit inside. They all squinch inside, somehow, as the car goes to the top of the mountain.

The other pixies in Pixie Village are all excited to see Livy. One wants to have afternoon tea with Livy, but she says someone is in trouble, and that she has to hurry and get the essence of the flower of life. One pixie asks who is in trouble. Icy, coming from behind, says they are.


Icy starts freezing things and pixies. Livy whines that Icy just froze her cousin Liz. Icy asks where their part of the Codex is, as the pixie elder of Pixie Village demands Icy leave at once. Icy attacks her. The pixie elder wraps Icy's legs in enchanted vine, which aside from tripping Icy, doesn't do much.

At the top of the mountain, Timmy looks as if he's about to vomit, saying he should've taken lessons. Tecna says it's sometimes good to be spontaneous. Sky and Riven race to the bottom of the mountain, with the loser paying for dinner. After a few seconds, Layla decides to show the boys how good a skier she is.

Icy freezes more of the pixies, telling the pixie elder that gatorhounds love eating frozen pixies. The pixie elder, nervous, says she'll give Icy the Codex, just not to hurt the pixies. Icy actually sounds like she was going to let them live, too. Surprisingly kind on Icy's part, really. As she hands over the Codex, though, Livy snatches it herself, and Icy flies after Livy. Livy conks herself on another branch, but regains composure quickly enough to continue surfing along, using the Codex itself as her board, and flies down a small hole. Icy shrinks herself and follows.

It's a race between Riven and Sky skiing down the mountain. Sky tells Riven that Musa is behind them, distracting Riven, and allowing Sky to get ahead. Riven then tells George... err, Sky, to watch out for that tree. Sky thinks it's a trick, but actually winds up crashing into a tree, allowing Riven the lead.

Icy continues flying after Livy, still surfing the Codex. Livy shouts "full pixie power," which allows her extra speed to get away from Icy.

Riven and Sky are running neck-a-neck, as they both crash in shock, seeing Layla at the finish line. She teases that they'll both have to pay for dinner tonight.

Livy and Icy eventually fly all the way to Downland. Icy does not recognize the place. Queen Amentia, oddly enough in the exact spot Icy and Livy wind up, complains that Icy isn't allowed to wear blue on a Tuesday, and that her hair is not allowed to be longer than Amentia's, so she must be given a haircut. Poor Icy.

At the pick-up point for the cars going up the mountain, Flora wants to go skiing again before it gets dark. Digit says they should go to Copper Peak, the steepest slope in the realm. Bloom agrees that it sounds like fun. They all go back and climb into another car, seemingly much more spacious than the first one they took.

Back in Downland, Amentia asks if Livy's been degermed. Livy pleads for Amentia to help, that Icy is an evil witch, and she can't get the Codex. Amentia stuffs it in her shirt. That can't be comfortable. The Codex is kinda' pointy. Icy insists she hand the Codex over or she'll hurt Amentia. Amentia says she should hurt Icy for ruining her land's color scheme.

Amentia: The bad eye shadow has to go as well.
Icy: Hey, people love my eye shadow.
Amentia: Well they're wrong!

Icy's awfully cocky, naturally. What character in the show has ever complimented her eye shadow? Back on the ski lift, the car of ten has stopped. Looking outside, the wire is breaking. Awfully coincidental that it would happen when our heroes are on the lift, isn't it? Musa says the boys have to do something, that this is why they were assigned with them in the first place.

Back at Alfea, Palladium mixes scarlet sage essence with acacia root to try to cure Avalon.

Back in the car, Musa and Stella complain that the guys can't protect them: even Flora starts to get a little snitty. Bloom, looking pouty in a corner by herself, wants them all to stop arguing, and says that they can come up with something if they work together.

Back in Downland, Icy freezes Amentia's guards, and they start getting pretty physical, one-on-one. They both tell the other that they don't know who they're fighting.

Back at Alfea, because the scene changes are on ultra-caffeinated coffee, Palladium has Avalon drink his potion.

Back on the car, Bloom tells everyone to take off their snow jackets, that she has a plan. Tecna and Timmy actually flirt a little working with rope, with Timmy hoping they can do something together as a team later. Flora, Stella, and Musa work on sewing something with the jackets; Stella compliments Flora's sewing skills.

Amentia and Icy continue battling each other, both of them trying to get under each other's skin, as well as physically destroying each other. Icy complains that Amentia's actually the one with bad eye shadow. Sorry Amentia, but Icy's is better. More guards come to Amentia's side, but Stormy and Darcy teleport to Downland to help Icy out, too.


Amentia and her guards attack, as Darcy gives them all a dark slap--the darkness quite literally slapping them. The Trix then give them all a witch-up arctic blast.

Back with the gang of ten, they've all finished a giant hang-glider, and all glide to safety. It's not really shown how they were able to take-off, though, since it didn't look like there was space anywhere to fit all ten of them gliding from any starting spot from the car.

Back in Downland again, Livy complains that the Trix sisters got the Codex. Amentia is more concerned about sweating from that fight with the witches. She orders everyone to bathe thrice to clean up, and then Amentia vows revenge.

Back at Alfea, Avalon is all right. Palladium is glad his potion worked. Avalon nonchalantly tells Palladium what a true friend he is. Palladium blushes. Palladium may like Avalon, but I'm seeing nothing of Avalon caring much for Palladium back.

Back in the resort realm, everyone is safe, with their heads all sticking out of the snow. Bloom says how glad she is that everyone is safe. Sky says it's thanks to Bloom, being so brave and clear-headed during the crisis. Bloom gets a little heart on her shirt, then it disappears. Chatta says she's earned her charmix. Chatta says fairies get it when they get in touch with their true selves. Bloom says it's giving her some kind of power.

In Shadowhaunt, Lord Darkar stands before the Trix, telling them that the ultimate power will be his, and they'll get to take over the universe. Stormy wants to destroy Bloom. Whatever happened to the petty Musa hatred? Wonder what Bloom did since than to make Stormy forget about Musa? Darkar says they'll be able to destroy anyone who gets in their way.

Other Stuff

I enjoyed a lot of it, but there were a couple of things going against it, which I found hard to ignore: the constant irritating scene changes going by at a ridiculous pace, and the badly thought out test of temptation for the Specialists. Really, the vacation is supposed to be to get the girls to get along, not for some petty little test Red Fountain wants to give its students.

Forty scene changes. Forty. That's gotta' be a record. I wish this episode could've sat still for half a moment. Sometimes it can be used to good effect, like during those tense action-packed scenes, but mostly, I was hoping the episode could just focus on one thing at a time. Like why the heck did we need three scenes with the girls in Miss Faragonda's office? That should've all been a single scene.

If magic can't be used in the resort realm, how are the pixies still able to fly? Guess pixies are immune to the no magic substance in the realm that prevents fairies from using it, or something.

Is Livy the fastest-flying pixie, or is it just that she's an expert surfer? I'm guessing she wouldn't be as fast if she had to rely on her tiny little wings.

6 out of 10 on the old scale.