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The Fourth Witch

...or HalloWinx!

At Alfea, in Palladium's class, the six Winx girls stand before the class. Flora says they will report on Earth, saying that the focus of their report will be on Halloween. and babbles on about what they can learn by going to planet Earth, though before long, the other girls take over explaining about their report on Earth and Halloween. Meanwhile, Bloom whispers to Layla about a party she was invited to. Then Layla tells Stella, Stella tells Musa, Musa tells Flora, and Flora tells Tecna, who screams in excitement of a big Halloween party, alerting the entire class. Foolish as it makes Tecna look, it's obvious that he'd heard everyone else whispering too, as he mentions the DJ and dancing that Tecna didn't shout out. Palladium agrees to let them go to Earth for their "project." I'm kinda' surprised Palladium can grant them permission for that. Guess he's their new favorite teacher at Alfea!

In Alfea's quad, a card with a harlequin pixie on it named Jolly floats down, eventually landing in front of Livy, then the pixie on the card pops up and becomes an actual pixie. It seems Livy is Jolly's little sister. They hug, but then Jolly asks very dryly how everything is. Livy says they can catch up over a cup of tea. Jolly senses darkness around her. Livy doesn't care, and just wants to talk about whatever, but Jolly pushily insists that she do the reading now. Jolly sees, via tarot cards, that there will be someone about to embark on a journey, the antelope meaning fear, and three faceless girls, the messengers of doom. Jolly senses that whoever travels will be in grave danger and face horrible fear.

Outside Alfea, the six Winx girls prepare to teleport straight to Earth. Bloom thanks Jolly for the prophecy she'd apparently given to Bloom too, but Bloom says they're still going. Bloom says the pixies can come along: the six main pixies, plus Jolly and Livy. Jolly says they can follow with the dust trail when they teleport.

On Earth, all the Earth people are in costumes: we immediately see the grim reaper, a girl superhero, and a guy in a chicken suit. Because everything's funnier with a guy in a chicken suit! As the Winx girls walk along the streets with their pixies, we also see an old man with a tree limb for a walking stick, as well as a couple of people with hippopotamus and giraffe heads. Oh, and for anyone wondering why the eight pixies are floating around, yet none of the Earth people seem to notice, it's because they can't see the pixies: only little Earth children can, as well as animals. Stella asks who this friend is that invited Bloom to this party, but Bloom says she's not really a friend, and has always been mean, but since she invited her to this party, that maybe it means she's changed. And Earth psychic says she'll give a reading with her magical cards as the girls walk by, but Jolly accuses her of being a charlatan. A dog barks at the pixies, angering Tune.

The Winx girls are on a street corner: Darth Vader passes by. Bloom tells the girls that these parties are all about the costumes, so they'd better get something good. Stella says she has an idea, but before she spits it out, a convertible drives by, with Mitzi and a random friend in the back seat. Mitzi is surprised to see Bloom has friends with her from reform school. She tells them to dress nicely, in a way suggesting that she knows they're going to wear something lame for the party. The driver drives off: none of the girls cared much for Mitzi. Tecna notes that her attitude stinks as much as her perfume. Lockette in particular thought Mitzi was mean.

At the party that night, the girls walk through a spooky forest to the haunted house, wearing dull robes. Lockette is surprised by a jack-o-lantern she sees, and really, is pretty terrified by everything she sees. Flora gets freaked out by a mechanical black cat that says "Welcome, guests." Tecna tells Flora it's just an Earth novelty item. Jolly worries because it's a full moon, like her prophecy predicted. Livy, kinda' annoyed, says it was probably just a coincidence. They run into a pumpkin that Livy says looks just like their pet pumpkin. Jolly says it looks just like little Muffin. The girls walk through an iron gate, which Tecna notes Jolly predicted.

Layla: Hey, lots of places have iron gates.

Layla sounds like she isn't taking Jolly's prediction too seriously. One of the pixies--can't quite tell which--is afraid of the noises she's hearing: Digit tries to calm them down, saying it's probably just coming from a speaker on the ground. But when the pixies see a ghost girl who says "I'm going to get you," even Digit worries about what's happening. The pixies hurry to the Winx girls, a good bit ahead of them, as they make their way to the entrance of the haunted house.


As Bloom knocks on the door, Tecna complains that the house is falling apart. A girl dressed as a French maid greets them at the door, but isn't overly friendly; she says Mitzi told her not to talk to the guests. Some of the guests we see include a Frankenstein monster, as well as a girl superhero who looks to have water-based powers, though I cannot identify her. Jolly says she feels that something bad happened in this house. Flora gets spooked by a glowing skull toy. Chatta encourages the girls to check for cute boys. One guy, dressed as a classy professor, says Layla looks familiar, but Layla says she goes to a boarding school. He says she should meet Elle, who just got kicked out of boarding school.

Elle: Aren't these the girls who go to reform school?
Bloom: What did you say?!
Elle: Don't take offense. The truth is I would probably be in boarding school too if my father weren't rich, famous, and connected.

And Elle just happens to be dressed as Elle Driver. Figures she'd be a bad girl. Not that Bloom would hold being kicked out a boarding school against her since, ya' know, the same thing kinda' happened to Stella. I don't think Bloom appreciated Mitzi telling a lot of people what was obviously a lie, though. Mitzi enters walking down the stairs, and has a DJ play her song. The song is rap, and has lyrics like "thinks she's all that" and "got a lot of hair, but a cold heart." Water hero girl seems to be surprised Mitzi would've chosen a rap song. Mitzi yells at the DJ, saying he was supposed to play "The Most Beautiful Girl in the World" for her entrance. Mitzi says she's glad Bloom came. Bloom isn't sure what Mitzi is supposed to be; Mitzi says she's a goth supermodel fro the future. Uh... yeah. A girl wearing a cap and yellow jumpsuit and mask passes. Mitzi doesn't know what Bloom is either, but she says Bloom and friends are wearing the most boring costumes she'd ever seen. Mitzi wants the girls to hang with her all night, to make her own outfit look better in comparison. Stella says they'd be honored, with a calm, sneaky smile on her face. Mitzi is shocked and angry when the girls take off the robes, though, revealing their fairy outfits. The other guests seem to love their outfits. The professor guy looks very turned on; Elle notices and elbows him. Wonder if they're going out. More girls compliment the Winx girls, including one with a couple of metal thingies sticking out from her head, one random skeleton costume girl, and a girl with a poofy rich-style hat that looks very familiar, though I can't place why. When one girl asks Flora where they got the costumes, she pauses, then says online. "Uh, Internet?" Methinks Flora is channeling Timmy Turner from that other cartoon about fairies. A pupil-less scarecrow wearing a tux can be seen. Freddy Krueger also passes by. Actually, Freddy passes by a lot, but he inconsistently has a different shirt, less freaky face, and normal right hand, as if 4Kids were trying to remove him from the episode, but didn't catch several instances of his appearing. This is the first moment in the episode where he's got the striped shirt, wrinkly face, and metal dohickey, but there are more later on.

Water Hero Girl: Personally, I think they look tacky in those outfits.
Mitzi: Shut up! Their costumes look gorgeous, but I'll still make sure they're miserable before the night's over!

Heh. Even Mitzi's got to admit that their "costumes" look nice. Water Hero Girl is obviously just sucking up to Mitzi, and obviously didn't work as well as she'd hoped. Mitzi's not that stupid, Water Hero Girl. Somewhere in a dark green void, Jolly shows a random pumpkin its future. She sees a soulmate for the pumpkin, then shows that three messengers of doom will arrive, and finally shows that something bad will happen in the dark forest. This seriously had to be one of the most dull, pointless, and nonsensical scenes ever on Winx Club. Why is an ordinary Earth pumpkin a conscious being, and how the heck is it supposed to fall in love?! Too bad they couldn't keep in Musa and Freddy instead.

Anyway, Jolly is panicking yet again, insisting everyone leave immediately, and everyone else is annoyed with her panicking again. Tune says it would be against party etiquette.

In the main room, Flora and Bloom spot a dark mystery guy checking Flora out. Flora won't go up to talk, so Bloom does for her. And after the dark mystery guy seems to want nothing to do with Flora. Bloom and she back off, with cherry soda given to them by the maid, who was ordered to give it to them by Mitzi. In a back room, the two decide to go back out and mingle, but Mitzi passes by, intentionally pulling Bloom to make her spill her cherry soda on herself. Mitzi says it's going to stain her costome permanently, but when Mitzi isn't looking, Bloom magically removes the stain, smugly tells Mitzi that the stain came right out, which surprised and upset Mitzi.

Outside the house, three ghosts head toward the house, asking for their sister.


Jolly yells to Musa that she doesn't like the place. Mitzi watches Musa, making a crack about Musa talking to herself. I guess if anything, that's about the least mean mean thing Mitzi's done, since at least from Mitzi's perspective, Musa is talking to herself, since she cannot see Jolly. Also, Musa says "chillax." Darn. Guess Musa will never completely lose her slang. Jolly says she doesn't trust Mitzi since she wears too much perfume.

On the staircase, Tecna is sitting with Digit. Tecna notes the crak in the wall. Digit finds it strange that the crack comes from a picture of three faceless girls. Tecna worries that Jolly may have been right, and goes to find Bloom.

In another room, the six Winx girls are gathered together. Layla notices another crack coming from another picture in this room. The picture has a bit of history posted on it, which Tecna reads:

Tecna: It says the house was built by these sisters who lived here together. The house fell apart, and they had to rebuild it, but every time they did, it would just fall apart again. They didn't know why it happened, and there was nothing they could do to stop it.

Right as Tecna figures it might be an evil haunting spell, the maid comes to get the girls, saying that Mitzi needs them quickly.

In a bedroom, Mitzi is screaming, terrified. She's not a good actress, really. Mitzi says that the mirror in the room broke when the sisters appeared. Elle says there were three ghosts, and that they looked like the sisters who lived in the house, that this day a hundred years ago, the sheriff had the sisters all leave the house, except the little fourth sister never left, and was never seen again. Supposedly, the fourth sister still haunts the house, and her sisters come looking for her every Halloween. When a mirror breaks, it means the ghosts are there. The little sister makes the first person who looks her in the eye disappear forever. Elle is a lot more convincing than Mitzi, really.

When the girls go back downstairs, they spot another broken mirror. Bloom asks if anyone saw anything. Darth Vader, in typical breathy voice-box voice, says no. Kinda' surprised they gave Darth Vader a Darth Vader-like voice. Not that I'm complaining! Layla spots a lot of other mirrors that were broken, all at the same time. The skeleton girl says that the fourth witch appears in the portrait on the stairs along with her three sisters when she's about to take her revenge, and wouldn't you know, just then the fourth sister indeed appears in that picture! Bloom tells everyone to stay inside, as the Winx girls go outside. The maid gives an evil smirk.

Bloom warns if they find the sister, not to look at her. Layla worries about the possibility of her just suddenly appearing in front of her though. A sudden light and noise makes Layla jump.

Stella: I think motion turns it on. Isn't it the cutest thing?
Musa: It is cute, we'll have to remember that for our report, but for now, let's go find these ghosts.

Looks like Stella's learned how the electric pumpkins work. Musa couldn't care less about it. Stella hears someone in the distance a bit, and screams when she finds... a rake. She feels relief, but only temporarily, when one of the three ghostly sisters actually is over here! The other two sisters come in as well, surrounding the Winx girls.


The sisters continue surrounding the Winx girls outside.

Back inside, everyone's laughing, all seemingly knowing about this whole prank Mitzi had planned out. A purple beast and Kenny McCormick can be seen among everyone. They even gave Kenny huge round glasses to make his eyes the "proper" size, since the Winx characters eyes tend to be a lot smaller! Mitzi tells everyone to grab a pumpkin to get ready for part two. She puts a pumpkin in a fishbowl on Frankenstein's head.

Outside, there are floating pumpkins to add to how nervous the Winx girls are. Mitzi, away from the girls, has Elle and Professor help put on her costome. A super hero guy tells Mitzi to go get 'em. Mitzi starts laughing, but quickly corrects herself, starting to moan.

The Winx girls continue being terrified, as the sisters come toward them. Mitzi hits herself with the rake in typical Sideshow Bob fashion. The three sisters warn that their sister is coming, but when the Winx girls turn around, Stella realizes the fourth sister is actually Mitzi, noticing her strong perfume.

Stella: You can smell her perfume a mile away! She wears way too much fragrance, big faux pas.
Mitzi: Faux pas you, loser!
Stella: You know, you should thank me for telling you.

You know, for once, Stella's got every right for getting catty about Mitzi's fashion. Or fragrance in this case, what with how Mitzi's terrorizing the girls. Mitzi doesn't care that she was found out, though, since Mitzi still terrified the girls, and as such, still won, and goes on to call the Winx girls babies. She goes on to say that the only reason she was invited to the party in the first place was to prank them. But there's another fourth sister flying behind Mitzi. The three other sisters run off in cartoony fashion. Water Hero girl runs off too, like Roadrunner: the jock-looking Frankenstein just looks confused, like a stereotypical jock. Mitzi sees the ghost, screams, and faints. The costume is taken off, and it's revealed to have been the pixies, playing dress-up to prank the pranksters! Tune says they've helped redefine the word "loser." Jolly says it seems Earth does indeed have witches. Amore says witches are called Mitzis on Earth.

Back inside, with a new DJ--guess Mitzi fired the other one already--playing the pumpkin boogie. Elle and Water hero girl get into it first. The mystery guy finally decides to dance with Flora. The Professor goes to dance with Layla. Bloom and another girl, while dancing, crash into Kenny, knocking him down. "Oh my God! They could've killed Kenny!" For the sake of the kids reading this, I'll just leave out that next line. Darth Vader tells Mitzi that the girls are awesome, just angering Mitzi even more. The pixies are playing around the pumpkins, with Lockette and Digit bouncing on one. The accidentally break it, revealing Jolly inside.

Other Stuff

Not a lot happened in the episode, and certainly nothing important. Just Bloom and friends going to Earth for a Halloween party. No fun action, little classic dialogue, and Jolly... but still, it was fun. The episode was genuinely fun to watch, despite not having a lot going for it plot-wise. Just seeing the girls all on Earth, as well as all the Halloween costumes, all fun to see.

I wonder why Mitzi is still picking on Bloom, specifically. I mean, you'd think that since Bloom is away most of the year, Mitzi would've picked a new target by now, one that goes to her school. Course, I guess there wouldn't have been an episode about that, though.

As for everyone else at the party, it seems most of them, aside from Mitzi herself, have come to realize that Bloom and company are not the losers Mitzi claimed. I'm not sure if they necessarily apologized--some probably did, others probably didn't--but they all seemed to realize that Mitzi's just full of it, anyway. Except maybe that maid. I still don't trust her.

Elle, sadly, did not even kill a single person in the episode. I wouldn't mind seeing her pop on the show again, though yeah, won't happen.

Jolly was annoying for most of her appearance, apparently being the pixie of anxiety. I mean, yes, she got the superficial details right, but the main points--like whether or not the girls would be in any danger--she was just way off the mark! Considering such, she wasn't really one who should've been calling the Earth psychic an impostor.

Poor Livy seemed to get annoyed with Jolly, though. I don't blame her.

It's too bad Zing didn't come with the girls to Earth. She would've had a blast with all the costumes, and stories of ghosts, and all!

7 out of 10 on the old scale.