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Magic in My Heart

...or Musa's Complete Redemption

To think they were originally going to name the show "Magical Bloom." Oh, would that have ever been completely out of place for this one: never has Bloom been pushed so far out of the spotlight as in this episode! She's had her fun, though: now it's Musa's turn to shine!

Oh, and remember the missing Stormy Vs. Musa fight in the last episode? This episode starts with that! Unlike usual, the episode starts right off the bat with action, with Stormy casting a spell on the roof of Alfea so she can get the Codex at Alfea.

Musa: Hey witch, it's 2 AM. Shouldn't you be hanging upside-down in a cave somewhere?

Stormy warns Musa of a big storm coming. Musa changes to her winx form. We get to see more of Musa's transformation than normal, too. Tune tells Musa to be careful. Stormy makes mention of the Gloomix she is wearing, the bracelet on her arm, that Lord Darkar gave her, then shoots a blast at Musa. Musa does a bass boost to knock Stormy down, then performs a neat-looking floppy rain dance spell to get rid of the Storm overhead. Layla taught her the dance, not that it's mentioned. Musa gives Stormy a cute Mirta-ish smile to Stormy before shooting a blast at Stormy that knocks her to the ground below. Some of the students, as well as Palladium, wake up inside Alfea, prompting Stormy to give up the fight. For the moment. Musa lies down, and Tune commends Musa on her victory.

In Red Fountain's auditorium, Layla asks Musa if she's ready for the big show at Red Fountain tomorrow night; it seems Musa will be singing, and Layla will be dancing. Musa's nervous, but Layla says she shouldn't be. Layla demonstrates her dance moves to Musa. Piff was sleeping on the speaker. Poor Piff got scared out of her sleep when Layla turned the beat on! Layla said she learned her moves from street performers. Tune, naturally, cannot believe that Layla would do such. Layla says she never told her parents what she was doing.

In Shadowhaunt, Stormy looks in a mirror, saying goodbye to herself. She casts a spell to change her appearance to a cute-looking straight red-headed fairy. For half a second, she even practices a really big, genuine smile! It's frightening when you consider that it's actually Stormy! Stormy wipes a drawing of Musa off her mirror.

At Red Fountain, it seems the big event has already drawn out the crowds, with specialists, fairies, and witches hanging around outside the building. Brandon is walking with a witch on each shoulder, shamelessly flirting. Oh, he says Stella agreed to let him do lucky-kisses for charity, so the jousting team can get new uniforms, but Brandon buddy, you're fooling no one: you think the witches are hot. One of the witches asks if they could leave him a little lipstick before they go to get their purses. Brandon agrees, to no one's surprise. After they leave, though, he realizes he hadn't been kissed, and that they actually left him with their sticks of lipstick! Witches love funny wordplay, apparently. I like these witches! Brandon, all-too-eager to find another girl to kiss him, asks Stormy-in-fairy-disguise as she passes by. Stormy yells at Brandon to get lost.

Back in Red Fountain's auditorium, Musa's practicing for her song at the concert at Red Fountain tomorrow night. Stormy, still in disguise of course, eavesdrops from behind the bleachers, thinking Musa sucks. Something tells me Stormy would get a kick out of the American Idol auditions! After Musa finishes, Stella tries to rush Musa along, saying she should go with that song, and that they should practice their number together. Musa isn't sure, though, and thinks maybe she should go with her song with a saxophone solo. Stella throws the saxophone at her. Musa yells at Stella to be careful with it, as it's her Dad's. Stella gives a cute, odd-looking sticking-out-her-tongue at Musa. Right then, Musa's Dad comes in, and they hug each other. Dad says he's surprised that Musa wasn't in the library. Miss Faragonda glows about how talented a musician Musa is. Musa asks if Dad is going to come to the concert tomorrow night, but Dad is upset, and wants to continue the conversation outside. All throughout, Stormy plots, realizing she could use Musa's Dad to get to Musa.

Outside, with Layla eavesdropping go Layla!, Musa's Dad complains that Musa's been telling everyone that he still writes songs and still performs, when he's retired years ago, and that he was embarrassed when Faragonda asked him if he had a new album coming out. What's angering Dad even more, though, is Musa's lying to Dad about what she's been doing at Alfea. Dad thought Musa was pursuing some legitimate profession, and is furious that Musa's been playing around with music. Musa reminds him that music used to be his life. Dad conveniently changes the subject that it's nothing to do with his life, but Musa's. We've all had this kind of discussion before, I bet. Musa's angry that Dad can't get over her Mom having died, but Dad quickly wants Musa to shut up about Mom. Guess we know where Musa's sensitive nature comes from. Dad finally threatens to remove Musa from Alfea if she performs in the concert tomorrow night. Dad leaves, Musa cries, and Layla goes up to try to comfort Musa the best she can.


On what might be the roof of one of Red Fountain's buildings, Musa tells Layla about her past. Musa explains that her Mom was a classical music singer touring the realms with an opera company, which is when Musa's Dad first saw her. Musa's father was a prince, though his family disowned him when he decided he wanted to be a musician. Outside the theatre, he caught Musa's Mom, mentioned her amazing voice, and asked if she would be willing to sing a pop song he'd just written. That actually came out only semi-coherently. He's apparently not as smooth as Brandon with the ladies. The answer caught him by surprise, and since he didn't have a song finished yet, he'd stayed up all night to finish a song, "Magic in My Heart," for Mom to sing. She came by the next day and instantly fell in love with the song. And with Dad. Mom had rejected her classical training, and Dad his royalty, for their shared love for music, and for one another. And then Musa was born! So ultra-cute, too! Easily cuter than baby Bloom, no question about it! A few years later, they made a classical record, but on the tour, Mom got sick and collapsed, and eventually died. Dad was so upset, that he went on a rampage, destroying all the music in the house. End flashback, Layla says it sounds like music is still too painful for Musa's Dad. Musa cries, saying she can't perform at the concert, as she does not want to lose her friends at Alfea. Layla continues trying to comfort Musa, saying it'll all be OK, and that she can extend her dance routine to fill the time. It's not shown, but her routine had Mirta and Francis helping out!

In Layla's room, Musa and Francis--squee!--enjoy watching Layla's dancing on from either Layla's or Francis' bed. Aside from Piff and Tune, Glim is also watching! They all seem engrossed. It's not shown in the US, but it seems Layla got Francis and Mirta to dance for her number at the concert.

That night in Musa's room, though, she is having a nightmare. Musa runs onto the stage for the concert, dressed in a baggy-looking hip-hip-like outfit with a funny hat, but has lost her singing voice. She's also distraught to see only robots in the audience, though a single person is clapping. Tecna--you do remember her, right?--wakes Musa up from her nightmare, checking if he's OK. Musa tells Tecna of her nightmare, mentioning that she thinks the one person clapping was her Mom.


Musa goes out to the Red Fountain stadium, but is unable to sing. She teleports--at least I'm guessing it's teleportation--to her Mom's grave, asking Mom what she should do, and... heck. I like this, so I'll just let Musa take over for me:

Musa: Hey Mom. Hmm. So, I came here to ask for your support on something. Dad doesn't want me to be a musician, and I think it's 'cause he can't forgive you for leaving us, and I don't want to hurt him, and I'm scared of what might happen, but Mom, everything I am is music! And if I don't perform tonight, a part of me will be gone, so I'm gonna' do it. Please be with me.

I cried. Call me a sap. That night, at the concert, the seats are filled with students and faculty from all three schools, as Codatorta announces Brandon and Sky, performing the traditional fire dance of the elders--them dancing while throwing and twirling sticks with fires ablaze on both ends. Meanwhile, on the floor, Stormy is sneaking around, obviously still in disguise.

After Brandon's and Sky's act, Codatorta announces Musa to the stage, dressed in her hip-hoppy outfit. Musa's scared, Stella's telling her not to freak out, but when she goes on out, she loses her fear, and becomes truly happy. She sings "Magic in My Heart," again, the first song Musa's Dad wrote, specifically for her Mom to sing! It's a beautiful, cute, sweet song. Not hip hop in the least. It melts Dad's heart, even. Of some interest, Francis hands out Kleenex during the song--I could've used one myself! She also speaks for the first time in the show!

Francis: Here you go, pixie! Your friend is really amazing, isn't she?

And it's worth quoting for no other reason than it being Francis' only line so far! Aside from that, Riven smiles, which is kind of freaky. Also, Bloom finally appears in the episode, in the audience. She says not a word, though. Flora and Mirta also make audience-only appearances, too. After Musa's song, Stormy loses her fairy disguise and blasts Musa's Dad.


Stormy, floating above everyone, insists that everyone stay still, else she'll kill Musa's Dad. Except for Musa, who she wants to come to Stormy herself. Musa transforms, but Stormy doesn't want to fight--she wants Musa to surrender, else she'll kill Dad. Musa goes up to the microphone. Stormy's expecting one last concert, but Musa instead asks for everyone to sing with her. Musa hums "It Feels Like Magic." Everyone is confused, but Riven gets it: he goes around, insisting everyone to listen to Musa and sing along with her. They do, Stormy questions what's going on, then gets nervous, as Musa blasts her away. Slowly. It's funny seeing just how slowly Stormy's shot off. Slow motion attack, maybe? Musa detransforms. I think that makes only the third time we've ever seen a fairy revert from their winx form to their normal clothing, too. Or in this case, her hip hop-looking clothing.

Layla and Stella rush up to hug Musa. Amore asks how Musa blasted Stormy away, and Musa explains that the music gave Musa her extra power. Riven helps Musa's Dad up, and tells him that he thinks his daughter is amazing. Musa thanks her Mom. This looks like it's the end of the episode, but it's actually a fake ending, kinda'--we've got another little bonus, first!

Back on stage, after everyone's regained some composure after the Stormy fight. Musa is standing beside Codatorta, who introduces Stella, who trips on her way out. You know that has to kill poor Stella, tripping in front of almost everyone on Magix! Musa and Stella perform a cute little duet, "This is the Beat," doing exaggerated dance movements during the song. I'm not too fond of the song, but I still loved seeing Musa and Stella doing a fun little duet, with their silly little dancing.

Sometime after the concert, Musa and her Dad return to Musa's Mom's grave. Musa tells her Mom that the concert was a big hit, and that when she sang "Magic in My Heart," that it felt like all three of them were together again. Dad agrees.

Other Stuff

In case it wasn't clear before this point, this was a good, near-perfect episode.

First of all, considering Musa was wearing a Hip Hop-looking outfit with a ridiculous-looking hat, I think we can all breathe a huge sigh of relief that it did not lead to a horrid hip hop song!

"Magic in My Heart" was a great song, worthy of much praise: it's very different from the song used in the Italian version, but both are excellent in their own right. "This is the Beat," however, really does not compare to the Musa/Stella duet used in Italy, which was a fast little ditty with a great bridge and really cool instrumentals for the chorus. Still, it was fun to see the Musa/Stella duet, whatever it was they were singing!

Speaking of the Musa/Stella duet, the US was very kind to Stella, having her trip only a single time. In Italy, she was a much bigger klutz, falling down a second time, and knocking over her microphone twice!

And more about Stella, even if she didn't have any classic remarks today, she still added her fun Stella self to the episode, most notably when Musa was rehearsing for the concert!

And going off on a slight tangent, Brandon's scene of hitting on the witches was one of the most pointless yet entertaining scenes of the series!

Bloom. She was only in crowd scenes, did nothing unique, and had zero lines throughout the entire episode! Who'd have ever guessed such was possible!

And Tecna? However small her role was, it was still nice just to see her back, after being completely missing from the last two episodes. And hey, her role was still hundreds of times bigger than Bloom's minuscule role!

And Francis got her biggest role yet: an actual line! It might not be much, but having a line, watching Layla perform, and handing out Kleenex... still a much bigger role than Bloom got!

10 out of 10 on the old scale--possibly the greatest episode!