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The Wrong Righters

...or A Thing for Zing

...or "That is what we call missing an opportunity."

The episode begins with a fat guy eating meatballs. Ninjas sneak to his place, and identify him as Mr. Yoshinoya. One of the ninjas says that a group called the Wrong Righters had already kidnapped Diaspro before they could get to her. Mr. Yoshinoya says that it's OK, that they will still demand a random for her return.

In a cave--presumably the Wrong Righters' headquarters--Diaspro is tied to a rock formation going up to the ceiling. A dog goes up to Diaspro, with her finding it disgusting. One of the men of the Wrong Righters shows up to complain about Diaspro making her people of planet Isis go hungry because she's forcing them to spend their money on clothing, and forcing people into exhile for wearing more than one type of denim.

Diaspro: Head-to-toe denim is cheesy.

The making people hungry thing may be a bit harsh, but what's so wrong with having fashion police? Some people really need that! The Wrong Righters--two men, a girl, a young boy, a robot, and dog mascot--say they will turn her into a good person.

Outside Alfea for Palladium's class, where Tecna and Layla are strangely absent, Musa's demonstrating the usefulness of powers over the weather: Musa's created a small rain cloud directly over Bloom, pouring on her, who looks miserable and cold.

Stella: That rain spell was not hair friendly! You should create a spell to make the rain straighten your hair instead of frizzle it.

Palladium says they'll continue these presentations next week. Flora, looking oddly asmitten with Palladium, says she'll do her presentation on rainbow spells next week. If there was ever a moment to suggest that Flora might just have a crush on teacher! Musa and Stella joke about Palladium's new appearance. Flora looks as if she wants to beat the crap out of them, too! Like "don't you dare make fun of my baby!"

After class, Stella tells Bloom that Sky's parents will love her. As Stella leaves, Bloom tells Lockette that they'll be going to Eraklyon, where Sky will introduce her to her parents. Right after Bloom tells Flora that she'll be borrowing Stella's dress, Sky and Brandon arrive on their hoverbikes, ready to pick up Bloom and Flora. It seems pre-planned that Flora was going to go with Bloom. Flora says they still need to change, but Sky says they look nice enough for a casual dinner as is. But before they head off, Zing falls from a nearby tree, wearing a skull on her head, wanting to go with them to Eraklyon, thinking she might find a fairy to bond with there. Zing throws a rope latching onto Sky's hoverbike.

Flora: Oh, Stella said to tell you "hugs and kisses."

On a ship going through space, Bloom worries about Eraklyon manners. Chatta reminds Bloom to just chew with her mouth closed, and Sky tells Bloom to just be herself. An unknown pixie asks if mullets are in style in Eraklyon. After a second, Bloom realizes it's Zing, and Zing changes back to her normal form for a second to confirm Bloom's realization. Sky tells everyone to prepare for landing, though when they land, they realize something may be wrong.

In the throne room for Sky's parents, the King tells Sky that Diaspro was kidnapped, and they'd sent back the brooch Sky gave to her. So he must've liked Diaspro at some point! In a semi-flashback, we get to see a kinda' bad view of Diaspro's parents crying! The King shows Sky the ransom note they'd received from Yoshinoya. Sky and Brandon say they'll rescue her, but the King says it's not his place to do so as he is no longer Sky's fiancee, as the Queen says that the royal guard will take care of it. Bloom tries taking of for Sky, but is immediately shot down by the irate Queen. The King wants Sky to put on his royal cape for a press conference theyll be holding, and Sky runs off angrily, with Bloom tagging along behind. The Queen and King realize it might be a good thing, though, since maybe Sky will fall in love with his rescuee.


In a forest on some planet, seemingly still on Eraklyon, the Wrong Righters are standing guard as they somehow know Sky is coming, insisting they'll right this wrong.

Sky and Brandon are in his room, preparing to get back Diaspro. Sky wonders if Bloom will be upset that he wants to rescue Diaspro. Considering Bloom's constant worry lately about Sky getting back with Diaspro, I'd wager yes. Brandon says he knows that Yoshinoya has kidnapped royalty before, and has an army of forest ninjas. Zing dresses ninja like, pulling off what looks like Robin Hood Daffy's routine with the buck-and-a-quarter staff. Which isn't what she's imiating, but it so reminded me of that. Zing rocks!

In the forest, Bloom and Flora are walking, with Bloom worrying that Sky wanted to rescue Diaspro because he still has feelings for her. Flora tries comforting Bloom, telling her that Sky's a hero-in-training, and rescuing people is what he does. And Sky probably feels he owes Diaspro that, at least, after his treatment of her last year. Chatta insists that Sky likes Bloom, but Bloom still mopes, saying that his parents don't like her. Can't argue that one. Bloom and Flora find the poppy portalis, which they need to teleport Diaspro to where they are, while one of them goes to where Diaspro is. They have trouble catching the poppy, though, which teleports itself elsewhere each time they're about to pick it.

In another part of the forest, Sky and Brandon fight the forest ninjas working for Yoshinoya, who have the ability to leap miles into the air! They take the ninjas down easily, but one of them, after downed, tells Sky that Yoshinoya was only pretending to have Diaspro in his clutches to collect the ransom, and that the Wrong Righters actually have Diaspro, not affiliated with Yoshinoya.

After Flora, Bloom, Sky, and Brandon find each other in the forest, Sky and Brandon tell them about the Wrong Righters, a group of social justice ninja-fighters, also interested in saving the environment. One of the Wrong Righters, unseen, shoots an environmentally-friendly arrow-feather toward them as a warning. They use Diaspro's brooch to help with a location spell to find Diaspro: Flora and Bloom have Sky and Brandon help with it, too. They find the way to Diaspro. Lockette senses the danger, and Zing notes something flying around at bug-like speed. Whatever that means. One of them shoots a feather speeding toward Flora, but Zing spots it, and takes the hit for Flora while dressed as a cowboy. Right then, several nets fall from the sky, arrow-feathers shoot from about everywhere, and a trap door leading to spikes sets off beneath Brandon. Sky rescues Brandon, and Bloom and Flora use their magic to protect themselves from the nets and feathers. Right then, the Wrong Righters appear before the group.

Bloom: That's them?!

I love Bloom's quick little analysis on the group! One by one, explaining how they fght against inequality, justice, and poverty; how they're there to save the oceans, lobby for education, and defend the underprivleged.


After one of the Wrong Righters performs a freedom kick on Sky, Flora and Bloom transform to their winx forms. The girl shoots righteous lipstick at Flora and Bloom: Bloom is knocked pretty far back. The guy freedom kicking guy quickly gets Brandon electrocuted off-guard as he hurries behind him when he's trying to help Sky. Flora performs vine wrap on the robot, but the boy uses a missile thingy to knock Flora out. Sky gets tied up by one of the guys. As Bloom disassembles the robot with her powers, the girl uses knock-out powder on Bloom, from a little make-up compact.

Back at the Wrong Righters' headquarters, they're telling Diaspro what a terrible leader she is, telling her they'll teach her right from wrong. In a jail cell, Brandon figures that if they could show the Wrong Righters' the ransom note, that they'd see that Yoshinoya was just using them. Zing, Lockette, and Chatta appear outside their jail cell, outside the headquarters. Lockette and Chatta will help Bloom with an escape spell, while Zing goes to get the ransom note.

Back in the forest, it seems they've caught the poppy portalis. Flora explains again that one of them will have to go in exchange for Diaspro. Sky wants to go, but Bloom insistsshe goes instead, since she has powers she could use to escape. Bloom mentions she doesn't like Diaspro, and is only helping because she cares for Sky, though. Which bugs me a little, since still, Diaspro's done nothing to deserve Bloom's wrath. You'd think Bloom might be a little easier on the poor girl by now.

Back with Diaspro, she wants the Wrong Righters to give her one reason why she's a bad leader. The boy says she punishes people for wearing chipped nail polish. Diaspro says that should be a crime. Right as the boy is about to put some sort of special helmet on Diaspro, Bloom poofs into her place, with Diaspro in the forest with the others. What was the helmet for, anyway? To hypnotize Diaspro? Shock therapy? Anyway, Bloom immediately escapes. Of course, if Bloom could escape so easily, why couldn't Diaspro? She's magic, too.

Bloom goes back to the forest, with the Wrong Righters chasing right behind. In a nearby tent, Diaspro is with Flora, and suddenly realizes that it's wrong to punish her people for dressing below her standards. Whoa, one little talk with Flora was all it took to completely make Diaspro see the error of her ways? Yeah, a little inappropriately easy. Couldn't they have maybe made her feel just a little bad, without having Diaspro admit she was completely wrong, maybe? I love Flora's confused little "uh, okie dokie!" though, as if even she was astonished by Diaspro's unbelievably quick transformation!

Diaspro: Though I still believe that hair accessories should be considered a basic necessity.
Chatta: Actually, I completely agree with you on that.

In Sky's castle, Zing is in search for the ransom note, looking through a bunch of scrolls. She soon finds it and comes to Bloom and company and the Wrong Righters. They show the head Wrong Righter the note, and he does not appreciate being made to look like a kidnapper. Though he technically is, anyway. In the tent, Flora and Diaspro hear someone coming--it's the Wrong Righters, with Bloom and company, with Bloom telling Diaspro not to worry, that they're on the same team, now. The head Wrong Righter declares that they will go after Yoshinoya now.


Back in Sky's throne room, the King and Queen thank Sky and Bloom for rescuing Diaspro, and decide that Bloom would make a great queen someday. Course, it probably helps that Bloom's the long-lost Princess of Sparx--they'd probably be less accepting still if Bloom were a random nobody. The King wants the Wrong Righters gone, still, but Bloom says that she doesn't think it'll be a problem.

Outside the castle, the Wrong Righters argue about what they're going to do next, from saving the ocean, children's rights, robots' rights, stopping drilling, and saving the winged lyger. Flora, Brandon, and the pixies look in disbelief. As Bloom and Sky walk outside, with Sky happy that they now like Bloom, the Wrong Righters agreed to save the winged lyger, and head off. Bloom thinks about possibly being Queen of both Eraklyon and Sparx one day. Brandon suggests that Bloom take Sky to meet her parents. Sky worries about Earth manners, but Bloom just says back to him to be himself and he'll be all right.

Other Stuff

It was a fun, amusing little stint. Looking at it from a distance, it was a fun romp. But it was disappointing, with a good bit of wasted potential.

Namely, what happened with the Bloom/Sky/Diaspro triangle? Not a whole lot. We get that Bloom still feels uneasy about Diaspro, and Sky is willing to put last season's mess behind him to rescue her, but that's about it. Absolutely no insight on Diaspro's part whatsoever: we know she's got to be feeling something about the breakup, and it's unlikely she's forgiven Bloom, yet the whole situation was mostly ignored, which is a real shame.

Another problem with the episode: originally, there was a fight with Stormy Vs. Musa, who had to take on Stormy by herself. The US completely cut the entire bits out! Give me my Stormy fight! They could've fit that in if they'd gotten rid of the super-long "previously on Winx Club" bit at the beginning of the episode: it was torture waiting for that to end! Usually they seem a lot shorter.

Zing! Now, having gotten the two major problems out of the way, let's get to the good, and the good is Zing! Zing is just eternally silly, always playful, and likes dressing up as whatever suits her mood. Zing really made the episode a lot more fun than it otherwise would've been, and she just kinda' steals the show whenever she's around. She and Digit, easily the best two of the pixies. Now, having said that, it seems Zing's dress-ups as Spider-Man and Doc Ock were removed from the episode. Too bad, since those would've been the two I would've recognized. Seems likely there was a legal issue there.

The Wrong Righters were fun as stereotypical "bumbling" type villains. Obviously, the Trix are very anti-bumbling villains, so it made for a nice little change of pace. Course, now that we see they're heroes... might be fun to see them go against the Trix sisters, and see them getting their butts kicked!

This is the second episode in a row without any signs of Tecna whatsoever--I don't believe she was in the missing "Musa Vs. Stormy" fight scene, either (Layla was in it)! I mean, it makes sense that she wasn't in most of the episode, but she was even absent from Palladium's class, too! Where's Tecna been hiding? Is she back home for some reason? Is she sick? I wanna' know!

And finally... ninjas. Ninjas are always cool, so just with the addition of having forest ninjas, ya' gotta' give the episode some credit, right?

6 out of 10 on the old scale.