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Gangs of Gardenia

...or Attack of the Clones

We start our story today in a dream Layla is having, harking back to a few years ago. Eleven, twelve, maybe? Her exact age isn't really specified, but she isn't exactly a toddler, either. Young Layla is in her castle, with the servants in the castle complaining that Layla was dancing with a commoner, that their dancing is not fit for a princess, that she is only to dance with another member of royalty, following his lead, and eventually, the servants all chant together that Layla shall do absolutely nothing. In the real world, Layla is having a rough night in her bed. Piff floats to her head, and puts her in a nicer sleep. Meanwhile, in Flora's room, as Bloom and Kiko sleep, Flora's up awake, and decides to write Helia a letter.

The next morning at breakfast, Layla, Bloom, Flora, and Stella are all at breakfast, along with Lockette and Piff. I guess they're all late, as most of the cafeteria is empty. Bloom is going to Earth today, and Layla wants to go with. Bloom says she needed special permission to go, but Layla and Stella continue trying to convince Bloom. As they're trying to convince Bloom to let them go, Piff snatches a cookie out of Layla's hand. Cute lil' devil. Bloom tells them that Earth isn't really that spectacular a place.

Stella: The planet that gave the universe platform shoes is happenin' in my book!

Heh. And all this time I figured, with no magical creatures, Earth was looked down upon. Guess Earth serves as a fashion plate for the rest of the universe. And conveniently, this would explain why Stella would've been on Earth in the very first episode: buying the new fashions for the new school year! Layla says she'd heard that Earth had the best music anywhere, right as Musa walks in and says second best. Her home planet obviously being the best, but heck, second best in Musa's book is pretty good! Musa hands out tickets for her concert at Red Fountain next week. Stella says they'll all be ditching class to go to Earth with Bloom. Flora does not seem to care. Too goody-goody to skip class, I guess. Someone should've invited Tecna, at least.

The four girls and their pixies are on a bus in Gardenia. Stella and Layla are glad to have a break from school. Bloom wants to talk with her Mom about trying to find out more about her birth parents. Layla thinks it would be a good idea to give Bloom some alone time, and they can find a dance club, though Bloom says that no good ones are open during the day. The bus gets stuck in traffic, and Stella is impatient, and starts to fly, but not too far off the ground before Bloom pulls her back down, telling her not to fly in front of the NMBs. Non-magical beings.

Back on Magix, Flora walks through a forest around Stonehenge-looking stones, which seems to be a place where couples hang. Flora finds Helia meditating on a rock, and she drops all her books, as well as an envelope with a special flower of love, and says whoever is getting the letter is a very lucky guy. Flora, embarrassed, says it's for her parents. As Helia walks away, Chatta flies by, complaining that she just blew a perfect opportunity with Helia. Chatta is right. Quit playing around, Flora!

Back on Earth, Stella, Layla, and Musa, pixieless, are outside a park. Stella explains that if they use their magic on people, aside from being against the rules, Faragonda would know that they're on Earth. Bloom worries about where the pixies are. Musa says that Piff is sleeping in Layla's hood. Stella says that Lockette was scared off by a dog, and Tune and Amore went looking for her. The others aren't worried, but Bloom frets that the people will flip out if they see the pixies, considering Earth people are not used to seeing flying pixies around.

In the park, Amore watches a young couple in love, happy seeing the people on Earth having such love. Tune talks to a little girl named Abby, telling her that she has excellent posture. A couple of policemen find her, tell her that her father's been looking for her on the other side of the park, and take her to him, neither noticing the pixies. They're confused, wondering why the police didn't see them.

Later, at the mall, Stella, Layla, and Musa walk with their pixies, wondering why the police couldn't see the pixies, yet the little girl could. They figure that non-magical beings cannot see the pixies, but Earth children are born with magic, but lose it as they get older. A young boy, Kevin, passes with his parents, getting hyperactive over seeing the pixies, and being pulled away as the parents walk on by. Tune yells at the parents to control their child. A policeman, probably just mall security, stops the three girls, asking why they are not at school. As Stella and Musa try to come up with explanations, Layla steps up, speaking in a troll language: the officer figures that the girls aren't from around the area, and lets them be. Layla breathes a big sigh of relief.

Back at Alfea, in Miss Faragonda's office, Griselda reports that she cannot find Bloom, Stella, Layla, or Musa anywhere. Faragonda hopes the girls are not in trouble. Griselda barks that the girls will be in trouble once she finds them.


Layla is asleep, by herself, in a chair outside a cafe, with Piff sleeping on her head, Tune fixing her hair, and Amore watching a young couple. Layla dreams of a time she met Anne, a girl about her age, who liked sneaking into the tower in Layla's castle, saying it's a great place to dance. Anne dances around, and Layla says she wishes she could dance like her. Anne offers to teach Layla, but then she's awakened when Musa and Stella return with food. Piff gets pouty for waking them up. Stella wants to know where she learned the troll language from, and Layla explains that as a princess, she had to learn hundreds of languages.

Stella: I can say "Do you have this in a size four?" in ten different languages, but I'm afraid that's about it.
Layla: I wasn't even allowed to pick out my own clothes. My parents only wanted me to look one way.
Tune: Prim and proper, I'm sure.
Layla: Yeah, that's it. It was such a drag.
Tune: Hmph!

Tune was just taken aback by Layla's comment! You could just imagine she was going "well I never!" in her own mind! Musa says Layla was probably forced to do the "laughing at unfunny jokes" routine royalty always seems to have to do. Stella says that's all last century, and that being a princess should be better than it was back then. Stella seems to come from a pretty stereotypical royal family herself... guess she's always been very strong-willed, though, and likely to insist things be what she feels is right. Layla seems weaker than Stella emotionally, and less likely to stand up for herself. Poor Layla. Musa says they should go hit the mall again, and Stella says she can pick out whatever outfit they like. Stella's gotta' approve, of course.

At Bloom's home, Bloom and Vanessa talk at the table. Lockette and Kiko fight playfully as they're talking. Vanessa talks about wanting to open her new flower shop for Mother's Day, but can't afford hiring help. Bloom suggests asking Aunt Caroline for help, but Vanessa complains that she'll try to take over, insisting on everything being done her way. Bloom brings up wanting to find out more about her birth parents, and wanting her parents' support in finding more about her birth parents, and where she comes from. Vanessa gives her support for Bloom, and asks what the heck Kiko's doing, not able to see Lockette.

Stella, Layla, and Musa walk down a street, in their new clothes, and find a dance club. Layla is excited, but Stella is not, saying that only losers, dropouts and rejects would be there in the middle of the day. And people playing hooky, apparently. Layla and Musa go in anyway, as Stella heads back for the mall a third time. A guy in a baggy white suit, half-buttoned yellow shirt, extremely loose tie, and very messy sticky-uppie purple hair glares as the girls enter.

Inside the dance club, Musa and Layla are gettin' down on the dance floor. Layla wonders why the same beat has been playing the whole time they've been in there, and encourages Musa to play DJ, putting some magic into the speaker. Musa does, and a new song starts playing for them to dance to. Everyone's enjoying it, except one girl who looks like the kempt sister of the badly-dressed guy earlier. But away from the dance floor, three guys, apparently triplets, all looking exactly like the badly-dressed guy we saw earlier. Freaky.

Triplet 1: I'm tellin' you, those girls are witches or sorcerers.
Triplet 3: Dude, the correct gender-specific term is sorceress.
Triplet 1: That's what I just said; weren't you listenin'?! Now go get me another soda.

Idiotic, yes. But then, these guys are obviously meant to be idiots. Funny in its own stupid way. These guys are also probably drunk: yeah, he said soda, but a colored bottle? A bartender? They may have soda behind the counter, but these guys sure weren't drinkin' no soda! Back on the dance floor, Layla daydreams back to her time with Anne. Layla feels too self-conscious to dance like Anne, but Anne tells her to dance as if no one were looking, and gets Layla to have fun dancing. Later, Layla cries on her bed, with Anne by her side, promising to write, and Layla crying for her not to go. After snapping out of her daydream, Layla thanks Musa for being her friend, telling Musa that her friendship really means a lot to her. Musa is appreciative, but confused where the heck the random thought came from. But no matter: they decide to have some more fun on the dance floor.


As Layla dances on the floor, everyone else, Musa included, watches around her, cheering her on. One of the triplets goes behind Musa, threatening her. Musa, not about to be pushed around by some jerk, does some sort of weak sonic wave blast to his head, knocking him out. Musa worries she had just blown their cover, using magic against the guy. One of the triplets announces that the club has now become a private party for "The Suits," and orders all the other patrons to leave. A gang, I guess. That explains why they're all wearing the same baggy suits, but it still doesn't explain the whole identical triplets thing. Layla and Musa are surrounded by two of the girls who seem to be twin sisters of the badly-dressed guys, and SEVEN identical messy guys. SEVEN! Septuplets?! I think not! There's some serious cloning happening on Earth, apparently. I mean, this could easily be explained if they were on some planet where you could say identical septuplets were commonplace, but on Earth? Doesn't work. Lazy artists, or art designer, or art director, or something... even in a world of magic, this is just ridiculously far-fetched.

As Bloom and Stella walk down the street to the club, Amore and Lockette come to warn them that something is going on at the club, with Musa and Layla inside. At the club, Piff is sleeping on one of the steps outside.

Tune: Piff, do you have any idea how dirty these steps are?!

As unlikely as it would seem, four more identical guys are guarding the entrance to the club. Eleven-uplets?!?! No... no... it's clones. Definitely clones. Apparently, Earth has great hidden cloning technology. Bloom and Stella talk about how they can sneak into the club. Bloom says the pixies can go in, since the Suits cannot see them.

Back inside the club, the Suits tell Musa and Layla that their rival gang has challenged them tonight, and that they're going to help them with their magical powers, "or else." One of the Suits lassos Musa with his tie. Layla lets out powerful blasts knocking the nine gangsters down, wearing her out. The pixies fly in to help. Piff goes to Layla to give her energy back. Musa casts a spell on the speaker, causing a loud screeching sound. Amore puts a spell on a couple of the guys, causing them to fall in love with one another. So 4Kids has nothing against a possible minor gay couple, anyway. But... um... incest much? I mean, these guys are obviously identical whatever-uplets. I'm surprised Amore would go for that! Tune says Layla should be polite and offer the guys a soda; Layla puts a spell on the vending machine to shoot sodas at the gangsters. As Musa and Layla rush to an exit to a dark alley, Layla is pulled back by the gangsters, but Bloom and Stella are waiting by the exit, and successfully pull Layla toward them, causing the gangsters to fall down the stairs as Layla gets loose. But as the Winx girls escape the building, they're blocked by the gangsters.


Right as the gangsters are about to attack the Winx girls, Faragonda and Griselda teleport between them, and put a spell on the gangsters to put them fast asleep. Faragonda and Griselda are not happy.

In Miss Faragonda's office, she and Griselda scold the girls. Griselda says they broke two rules: leaving the realm without permission and skipping class without prior notification. Duh! That's the point of skipping class! Faragonda says they'll have to clean the entire school over the weekend. Griselda says there is to be no music while they're cleaning. Miss Faragonda, with an evil smile, says she isn't sure about that, that she wouldn't want the girls to be falling asleep while they're working.

Later, we see Bloom, who was cleaning an office, fast asleep with Lockette. In another room, Musa was cleaning near a piano, but is also fast asleep with Tune. In the auditorium, Stella is asleep, with Amore and Chatta sleeping with her. Wonder what Chatta was doing there. In the cafeteria, Flora and Layla are sitting on a clean floor, with Flora talking to Layla about Helia, and saying that in her realm, the guy is supposed to make the first move. Layla tells her that some rules are meant to be broken, but Flora isn't sure if this is one of them, but Layla's fast asleep now. Flora leans against her and falls asleep too, and Piff comes to join them.

Other Stuff

It was a bizarre episode. Like having eleven identical-looking humans. And the Winx girls not putting up much of a fight against regular, ordinary, non-magical humans. I mean, breaking the rules or not, you'd think they could've put up more of a fight against the gang. I mean, they beat the Trix sisters last season! These guys should've been pushovers! Having said all that, much of the episode was oddly enjoyable, despite the clones, and the lack of Trix, and the lack of much action. The Winx girls themselves shined, and that's good enough for a change of pace, right?

Speaking of the weird fight... why the hell did the guys pick a fight with the girls if they truly believed they had magical powers? I mean, that's just absolutely imbecilic on their part! The Winx girls could've easily killed them all, and for all the gang knew, they would have! Then again, I suppose the guys were intoxicated....

Tune really shined here, showing herself to be the insane little etiquette freak we all knew she was. And Tune's offense from Layla's complaining about proper attire for a princess, priceless!

Why was Tecna not invited to go to Earth, too? Why was poor Tecna left out? I mean, at least Flora had a chance to go to Earth, and just didn't seem interested, or just wanted to be a goody-goody and not want to break the rules. But it just seems unfair to just completely leave Tecna out of it.

And... yes, the clones. Must ask about the clones. WHY were there clones?! Is this a future Earth where clones have taken over parts of the globe? Or is cloning technology on this Earth so advanced that anyone can afford to just go to a clinic to get a cheap clone? I mean, none of the Earth people, Bloom included, seemed to be surprised to see so many identical-looking men, so apparently clones have become at least somewhat commonplace on this version of Earth. Personally, I want an explanation!

9 out of 10 on the old scale.