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The Angel of Doom

...or Tecna's Starring Role! Finally!

At night, Bloom is sleeping in her room, dreaming of her past, when she was a baby back on Sparx. We see her father, mother, and sister Daphne in shadows before her. Her Dad is giving her the Medallion of Protection, and names the child Bloom. Daphne notes baby Bloom crying, and Mom goes to pick up the baby, right as sleeping Bloom at Alfea wakes up, gasping. You could actually see Mom slightly before Bloom wakes up: not a lot, but you can see she shares the same hair color with her daughter. Bloom realizes those were her birth parents, and can't believe she remembers them. Understandable. It's not exactly every day that someone can recall such detail from back when they were an infant. Probably somewhat easier for a fairy, I'm betting. Bloom tries to fall back to sleep, crying.

The next morning, the six Winx girls, as well as all the students at Alfea, are having breakfast. Stella complains about not having enough food, that she's a growing girl, and needs it. Tecna says they've all finished growing, and the food provided was enough, but Digit corrects Tecna, saying that 58% of them still have a couple more years of growing left. Stella complains that Tecna should listen to Digit, and Tecna, begrudgedly, hands her food over to Stella. Stella isn't able to grab the apple on the plate, though, and when she tries picking it up again, it starts multiplying. Stella's furious that she can't seem to get ahold of any apples.

Amaryl: Isn't it obvious, Stella? Someone thinks you've grown enough.

Guess her little nice act for Professor Avalon was just to impress teacher. Amaryl's back to her old obnoxious self again, though I do wonder why she's sitting right next to her mortal nemesis, in the first place. Wizgiz pops up behind the girls, saying that he used his magical multiplier on the apple, giving the illusion of there being a lot of apples, despite none being there. There're still real cookies on the plate, though, and Stella shoves her face right into the plate! Right into the plate! I'm sure her parents would go "My word!" and faint if they saw Stella's atrocious table manners! Being eternally hungry is one thing, but the next thing you know, she's going to be burping for all her friends! Stella still has a lot of crumbs on her face when she finishes, and doesn't seem to be in any hurry to clean herself up. As she's complaining that it wasn't enough food, Professor Avalon magically provides all the girls with flowers. Avalon goes up to Bloom, telling her that he thinks he knows how he can help Bloom find out about her origins, and to see him later about it. After he leaves, Stella glows about how he's going to teach her a fashion spell, and Musa about how he's going to help her add an octave to her singing range. Tecna doesn't trust him, though. Stella says she's just jealous that he hasn't helped her, but Stella just thinks Tecna's jealous that he hasn't tried to help her. Reasonable assumption, mind you, but that's... not really it in this case. Tecna's just being her usual logically-thinking Tecna self. Digit agrees with Tecna's observations.

Outside, Tecna and Layla are carrying books, walking alongside Miss Faragonda. Professor Avalon finds Faragonda, and tells her that he knows of a way to increase Alfea's magic ranking. Faragonda gushes even, saying how Avalon's a dream come true. Tecna gives an evil glare, not noticed by anyone.

In Professor Avalon's class, it seems all the girls had given Avalon a bouquet of flowers. Flora tells him how much he deserves it. Avalon tells her that the only reward he wants is to see his students blossom. Tecna rolls her eyes at that. I mean, let's face it: even if he really is a nice guy, his response to Flora was just schmaltzy. Avalon goes on to explain that they'll blossom as they start to understand more to the true nature of their powers, that all the students have parts of themselves that they understand, and parts that they don't understand, but he'll help them find out about themselves, but they'll have to trust him completely.

In Tecna's room, she's on her computer, and Digit is inside the computer. Digit finds a book online that might explain who Avalon is. It's in some obscure language, but Digit says she'll be able to have it translated. In the book, an old guy warns to beware of a winged creature who will pretend to be a friend, and will promise the world if only complete trust is given to him, but when the three planets of the Triad planetary system align, the paladin will become an evil monster, and destroy all. Tecna notes that the realm of Frost is being shown, being destroyed, the same realm Avalon talked about earlier that day.

Tecna: Looks like we've figured out what Professor "Trust Me" Avalon is all about!


In the library, Tecna finds a restricted book, and casts a spell to open it. When she does, she sees the same old guy on the cover that she saw in her computer search. She notes a paladin in the book with retractable wings, just like Avalon's. He isolates the strongest, gain their trust by promising to grant their deepest desire. When the three planets align, he'll absorb their power. Digit and Tecna aren't sure when the three planets will align, but they're both worried.

Digit is searching the quad outside Alfea, and Tecna's searching the hallways. Digit spots Avalon outside, but at the same moment, Tecna sees him walking down the hall, even smiling at her. Tecna lets out an awkward giggle. Tecna yells for Lockette's help, rushing past, saying that Bloom might be in trouble. And for some reason, Lockette is wearing different clothing than usual. Seems Chatta gave her the new outfit in a deleted scene to cheer her up. Not nearly as cute an outfit, though. They rush to a closed door, and peeking through the keyhole, see Bloom inside with Avalon. Tecna is worried that Avalon is already taking control of Bloom with his crystal, but he's just using it to show Bloom her family tree, showing her birth Dad as Oritel and her birth Mom as Miriam, as well as all her ancestors. We can't read any of the other names, though, aside from Bloom's name and Daphne's. And Daphne is definitely Bloom's only sibling, as shown on the family tree Lockette says that he's only helping Bloom, but Tecna insists that he's only trying to gain her trust to take advantage of her trust later.

The other four Winx girls are hanging out in the hallway.

Stella: The fashion spell he showed me was a complete dud: it mixed plaid with stripes!

Heh... so I guess Stella's not as impressed with Avalon as she once was. But then, maybe Avalon just has strange taste in clothing. Flora says she probably got the spell wrong. Stella wouldn't have appreciated that, but before she could say anything, Professor Palladium bumped into the girls in the hallway. The girls are surprised to see him, since he looks stronger and more debonair than he did last year. He says the hot springs in the realm of Buff, and a potion Wizgiz gave to him led to his transformation.

In Professor Palladium's class, he announces he's teaching advanced magical spells. Bloom whispers to Musa how Palladium seems to have changed since last year.

Cue the flashback! Tecna sure is having fun in the flashback, sitting on top her desk, throwing a paper airplane, which is seen flying around throughout the flashback. Stella wants to try too... just not with a paper airplane....

Stella: Let's see how aerodynamic our textbook is!

Not the brightest idea in the world, but again, she didn't seem to care as much earlier last season, anyway. In fact, the entire class is shown being very rowdy, with the exception of Flora, who looks kinda' pissed that everyone else is being so loud. Yeah, of course Flora would be the one who's being Miss Goody Two-Shoes... nice to see it isn't Bloom this time! There is someone else in the class who looks kinda' like Flora, though, but with different clothing. Is there any other student who bears a decent resemblance to Flora? Palladium is trying to settle the entire class down, looking like his old wimpy self. He isn't really succeeding, and gets hit in the face with a flying textbook, proving that textbooks are not particularly aerodynamic. Considering Stella was probably on thin ice after her expulsion last year, she probably could've gotten in pretty serious trouble there, too.

Out of flashback mode, Palladium tells the students that he'll be teaching them a spell today to reveal the true nature of an enemy. Tecna sneers to herself.

In the assembly room, the girls are all seated in the bleachers. On the floor, Palladium demonstrates the sphere of truth, a sphere that has the power to show the true nature of one's opponent. Stella jumps up with glee, wanting to try it, but Palladium warns that if she isn't careful, she could wind up spilling her own secrets. Stella then hurriedly volunteers Amaryl to go ahead and demonstrate, and Amaryl's obviously not pleased with Stella's volunteering her. On the floor, Palladium instructs Amaryl to concentrate completely, to empty her thoughts, and focus only on the sphere itself. She's doing well, and actually seems pretty happy, able to control it so easily. Not evil-happy, but genuine happy-happy. Palladium instructs her to aim for the targets, away from all the students, and tells her to be careful, that she wouldn't want to misfire the orb. But Amaryl, with the sudden look of a Trix sister on her face, turns around and aims the orb squarely for Stella! Palladium casts a spell to stop it right before hitting Stella; Stella looks as if she's about to faint. Palladium, furious, yells at Amaryl for trying to harm Stella, essentially, and gives her detention for a week.

Outside Alfea, Livy is air-surfing on her message toward the school, laughing all the way. Livy temporarily forgets what she was supposed to be doing with the message, but quickly remembers that she's supposed to be delivering it to Tecna.

The five Winx girls, minus Bloom, are sitting together in Alfea's library, along with all the pixies, including Lockette. Tecna explains to the girls the evidence she has that Avalon is most likely the Angel of Doom. The others try to think if they can somehow stop him, including Zing. Including ZING! Zing has finally done something! Horray for Zing! Tecna says they need to figure out how long they have before the three planets align, but Livy thinks she knows: she has a message for Tecna about the witches' celestial celebration, probably about those very planets! Tecna says she'll go to Cloud Tower to talk with Miss Griffin there.

Timmy drives Tecna to Cloud Tower on his hoverbike. Don't worry... Timmy doesn't do anything annoying, and Tecna's not even flirting! He's just there for a logical, practical purpose--bringing Tecna to Cloud Tower. Just business. No funny business. Tecna carries Digit and Zing with her, and Livy's air-surfing along with them.

Back outside Alfea, Avalon is holding his class. Avalon is ready to have his students practice what they've been learning, and asks for his first "victim." Bloom wants to go first. The other Winx girls, minus Tecna obviously, shout "NO!" but Bloom ignores them. Bloom doesn't appreciate Stella trying to physically hold her back. Musa tells the other girls to keep an eye on Avalon. Unimportant in the grand scheme of things, but Amaryl looks as if she couldn't believe that Stella wanted to hold Bloom back. Probably filing this stuff away for later revenge use.

At Cloud Tower, Miss Griffin tells Tecna, Timmy, Digit, Zing, and Livy that the witches are celebrating the alignment of the Triad planetary system tonight, and that it always brings marvelous catastophies, but some take the celebration too far, and Griffin fears that Avalon is going to do just that with Bloom. Yay, Miss Griffin! Nice to finally see her pop up this season. Digit says they'd better hurry back to Alfea.


Back at Avalon's outdoor class, Bloom and random-student Selene are charging each other with swords. Selene has an old, steel sword, and Bloom has a holosword like the Red Fountain guys use. Selene completely breaks Bloom's sword with hers. Bloom looks like she's just seen a ghost. Avalon says that Bloom needs to learn to trust her instincts, that she was originally going to take the old sword, but then went with the pretty one, and says that the old steel sword is much more suitable for battle. I feel kinda' bad for Selene, though: she's getting completely ignored by Avalon. No "You were wise to choose the steel sword" or anything, just "Bloom this," and "Bloom that." Also, during his little pep talk with Bloom, we get a close-up shot of Flora giving one of the weirdest glares ever. So very, very out of place.

Back in Bloom's second dormroom... err, I mean Avalon's office, Bloom is lying on a couch, and Avalon has crystals floating around her which will transport her through a magical time continuum.

Back outside, Tecna rushes up to the rest of the Winx girls, telling them that Bloom is in terrible danger.

And inside the office again, Bloom's having a vision of when she was a baby again, and sees dark, blurry visions of her parents and Daphne. She almost immediately "wakes up," startled. Bloom tells Avalon that her Mother was singing to her. Avalon tells Bloom that she's doing well.

Back at Cloud Tower, Miss Griffin tells Digit, Livy, and Zing that if Avalon is indeed the Angel of Doom, then they've only got a few minutes before he changes. The three fly back to Alfea, with Zing wearing a red suit. Zing's playful like that. Wish I knew who she was meant to be dressed as.

In Layla's room, Francis is asleep, holding Piff, also asleep. Yes! Francis! We've finally got a look at Layla's roommate at Alfea! True, she isn't really doing anything in this episode, but boy, can't wait for when she does! The five Winx girls and all the pixies are discussion a plan of action. They're going to put a containment spell on the building so Avalon can't escape. Tecna says they've got four minutes before he transforms, and that's when they need to hit. Zing, descending from the ceiling via strings, in a Mission Impossible sort of way, excited about the mission, asking where she'll be needed, but Layla, grabbing the strings, and with Zing struggling to get away, says that the mission is too dangerous for the pixies, so they need to stay behind. Poor Zing. So eager and energetic, so wanting to be the comedienne of the group, and so neglected until this episode, and ol' Layla's not even going to let her have any fun.

The five Winx girls rush to Avalon's room, but no one's there. Turns out Avalon was just relaxing in a sauna in his bathroom, though, and quickly comes out fully dressed. Guys dress fast, keep in mind. The five Winx girls all transform to their Winx forms, intending to attack Avalon. Tecna flat-out accuses Avalon of being the Angel of Doom. Avalon sprouts out his wings and flies away, as the fairies clumsily crash into one another trying to get to him. The girls corner him by a window, which thanks to the containment spell, he can't escape from. Avalon insists he's not the Angel of Doom. Tecna performs the sphere of truth taught by Palladium to use on Avalon to blast him. Flora is no longer so sure that Avalon is the Angel of Doom, that he should've transformed by now if he was, but it's too late: Tecna has gone and fired away, leaving Avalon burnt out, and the window demolished.


The five Winx girls, minus Bloom, are in Miss Faragonda's office, along with Griselda, Palladium, Wizgiz, and Avalon. Tecna tries to explain herself, that Avalon is evil, and explains her reasons as to what he's done and who he is. Avalon says that there are over 10,000 other paladins with wings just like his. Wizgiz explains that his magical multiplier allowed it to appear that Avalon was in multiple places at once, and shows it by making copies of Faragonda.

Stella: More than one headmistress? Eww, what a nightmare!

The Winx girls all apologize for accusing Avalon of being the Angel of Doom, except Tecna, who still doesn't understand the whole thing, since logic told her that Professor Avalon was evil. She ultimately apologizes along with the others. Though in all honesty, I wonder just how sorry Tecna is. I have this feeling that she's not about to let go of the idea of Avalon being evil. Deep down, she likely still feels she is right. Heck, I still question it, myself!

At the quad outside Alfea, Bloom lies in the grass, holding her Medallion of Protection above her, and sighs.

Other Stuff

Excellent episode! It had... well, it had what some of us have been dying for: a starring role for Tecna! And what a great way to remind all the little kids who dislike Tecna that, hey, she can be really interesting if focused on for a chance!

First of all, Tecna really, truly got the spotlight in the episode, and it only took 35 episodes to remember her existance! And shone she did! Coming to her logical conclusions as to why Professor Avalon couldn't be trusted, and her conclusions were making sense. And heck, she probably still believes she is right! And she may just be right!

After all that, I'm not entirely convinced that Avalon is necessarily as innocent as he seems. He may not be the Angel of Death described in that book, but that doesn't exactly mean he's Mr. Innocent, either. Tecna, keep a close eye on him.

Even though Timmy was in the episode, his role was extremely minimal, and Tecna wasn't gushing over him in the least. Thank goodness!

It was Tecna's show, but Stella still had an enjoyable role in the episode, herself! Like she usually does... we saw her little rivalry with Amaryl, and her odd eating habits again, and her not convincing Bloom not to volunteer in Avalon's class... good ol' Stella, as usual.

Amaryl is a little wench. We knew this already, but it seems she harbors a particular dislike for Stella. It's almost like Mandy Vs. Clover, except for the spies, neither of them is really that nice. I like Amaryl, anyway. Or I like hating her. Something like that.

We've finally got a decent look at Zing... she actually did stuff in today's show! She likes adventure, and she likes being silly. Can't say she's my favorite pixie at the moment, but she could easily dethrone Digit.

And Francis! We finally got to see Layla's roommate Francis in this episode! True, all she was doing was sleeping, but she's gotta' be a sweet person... I mean, Piff saw it fit to sleep in her arm!

Hmm... oh yeah! Bloom learned a bit about her birth parents. This is OK, as it's not being shoved in our face, the "Ooh, I don't know anything about where I'm from or who I am, yada yada yada" Bloom we saw so much of last season.

10 out of 10 on the old scale.