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Party Monster

...or Hot for Teacher

Outside the old, destroyed Red Fountain, the six Winx girls, wearing different casual outfits from usual, are talking amongst themselves and their pixies, with Professor Avalon walking with them, excited about the celebration of the opening of the new Red Fountain school. Stella's excited about the party after the opening ceremony. Musa and Layla are going to be in the halftime show at the party. Parties have halftime shows? Avalon says that he won't be able to sit with the girls, that he's been invited to sit with Codatorta, who's wanted to meet with Avalon since he's a champion dragon wrangler, and he heads off. Get over it, Bloom.

Outside the gates, Mirta is standing by a couple of other fairies. Yes, Mirta! Finally back! You remember her, right? Mirta, the sweet little witch from who didn't really fit in at Cloud Tower, and was transferring to Alfea for her sophomore year? And then, after seven episodes, there's been no sign of Mirta anywhere? Well, she still exists! She's there, right outside the old Red Fountain, with a couple of other fairies. Anyway, Lucy, along with two other much prettier witches, start to enter the gates, with Layla feeling that the witches could cause trouble, and Tecna irate that witches are trying to sneak in. But Digit checks the guest list, and Musa says that the witches were invited for their help with the battle against the Trix sisters last year. Even though the witches were all oddly absent for all the fighting... I'd still love to know where the heck they all were! Mirta, though, sure is excited to see Lucy again, and shouts to her, while looking like she wants to give her a nice big hug, but Lucy completely ignores Mirta, just walking on by as if Mirta didn't exist. Guess Lucy's still being mad and petty with Mirta, then. Sigh. It is interesting that Layla didn't seem threatened by Mirta, though, despite the two never having met before. I guess they probably met or something off screen. We'll go with that!

As the Winx girls all enter the old Red Fountain, three "mystery" girls come up to the gates: a casual blonde girl, a sophisticated nicely-dressed girl, and a girl in a Sailor Moon-like skirt. Pretty obvious that these are the Trix sisters! In cute little disguises! Stormy--the one in the sailor outfit--says they're from the realm of Dorkland. I have to wonder if such place exists... I mean, would Stormy call herself a fairy from Dorkland? Seems like they might've wanted to come up with another realm to fake being from. Darcy is fairy princess Fifi. Stormy is her stepsister Missy. No word on Icy's codename. As for why they're there, we don't know... yet.

The Winx girls are sitting with their fairies, outside, on the Red Fountain grounds. Chatta is bugging Flora about finding a boyfriend, as the Specialists come. Sky formally introduces himself to the Winx girls, and Stella makes fun of his introduction. Tune scolds Stella for making fun of the centuries-old tradition. I love Tune! A random specialist says hi to Stella, and she flirtily says hi back to him, and talks about how he, Pete, used to be her boyfriend. Brandon looks like he'll gag, but he gets back, saying that Pete's the one who told him that since her hair used to be so frizzy, they nicknamed her Friztella. Heh. Good, Brandon! Stella starts getting all defensive about her hair, having a good reason for it and all, but Brandon tells her to just relax, that they all had nicknames. Meanwhile, Bloom and Sky talking about how excited they are to see the redone Red Fountain.

The group of ten walk to the stadium of Red Fountain, and Sky asks about Bloom being busy lately. Bloom says she's been busy. She says she can fit in a magi-skating date, though, until she suddenly remembers she has to write a paper for Professor Avalon's class, and has to go find him right away to approve of her topic. Down, Bloom! Down!

At a set of stairs at the old Red Fountain, the Trix sisters, still in disguise, are waiting. Stormy just wants to destroy stuff. Darcy complains, tired of waiting for Lord Darkar to show up. Icy says they should wait, though. It's a little more than that, though... she almost sounds as if she could be crushing on him! And here I thought she didn't "believe" in love. Oh Icy, what's happened to you?

The six Winx girls and four Specialists find a good spot to watch the day's events from. The girls notice a new guy, just sitting there, drawing. They think he may be a new student, but Timmy and Brandon explain that he's Helia, Saladin's grandson, and an art student, but isn't training to be a hero, as he's a pacifist. Brandon goes over to Helia to introduce the girls to him. As Brandon introduces the girls, Stella interrupts to introduce herself, in typical Stella fashion, with particular interest in Helia's art. Tecna notices the paintbrush, paint, and paper he's using, and has a bit to comment on it:

Tecna: With all due respect, Helia, why are you painting with antiques?

Tecna doesn't have much appreciation for antiques, does she? Heh... well then, I guess she's lived in a place all her life where antiques have always been useless and unloved. Digit babbles on about digisketching, trying to convince Helia to change his art platform. You know, I really wonder sometimes if Chatta is the most... well, chatty. Digit sure seems to have her own spurts of non-stop talking, too! Stella looks through his art, and is impressed. But Flora's really impressed, and understands the meaning behind his art, which impresses Helia. Pretty obvious Flora's falling for him... Chatta and Amore both seem happy to see her falling in love.

Outside the old Red Fountain structure, Bloom rushes up some stairs, in search of Professor Avalon. Oh, come on already, Bloom! Leave the guy alone! She rushes right past the three Trix sisters, in disguise, all tired of waiting for Lord Darkar, when Bloom asks them if they know where Avalon is. They sigh in disgust, but as soon as they notice it's Bloom right behind them, they all look away quickly, with the cutest worried expressions. Interesting to note for later: Bloom did not seem to pick up on any of this. Lockette seemed suspicious, but Bloom? Perfectly oblivious. Icy, trying to disguise her voice, says they hadn't seen anyone, so Bloom heads off, continuing to search for Avalon. The Trix breathe a sigh of relief, not having been caught.


Bloom rushes to her friends, already seated, having given up looking for Professor Avalon, since she didn't want to miss any of the ceremony. Stella reports that she got back just in time. In the middle of the open field, Codatorta, welcomes everyone, and thanks them for helping with the Witch Invasion of '05. '05? Err... shouldn't it be '04? Or not dated, period? Saladin starts glowing, causing an earthquake of sorts, causing the whole destroyed Red Fountain to fall below the ground, and in its place, arises a new, modern-looking floating structure, and Saladin goes on about how great the new school, and in particular, the new stadium will be.

The Trix sisters wait outside a few leftover ruins of Red Fountain, as their shadows on a leftover structure turns into Darkar's image. Lord Darkar complains that the witches weren't where they were supposed to be, but Icy complains that they don't wait more than ten minutes for anyone. I'm a little bit confused, though. Where they were waiting was destroyed, so it's not really their fault they couldn't wait there anyway... right? Or... blah. I'm thinking too much. Darkar says he should destroy them, but doesn't, since he likes their attitudes.

Outside the stadium, in an outside little recreational area, are Stella, Tecna, Flora, Bloom, Brandon, and Timmy. Flora hopes Helia is going to be at the party after the rest of the day's events. Brandon gets everyone up and ready to go back to the stadium, telling Bloom that Sky and Riven are fighting next, and Timmy will be in the parade after. All of them but Timmy and Tecna go right on inside. Tecna's playing some sort of holographic video game with digit, and says she'll be right there, as Timmy just looks at the two having fun, looking saddened.

Musa and Layla are walking around outside, with Piff on Layla's head, and Tune flying with Musa. It appears Musa's going to DJ at the party, and Layla shows off her tidewalk she's going to do when the music starts, and Musa starts giggling... but a passerby just seems to think they're being stupid, saying "gag me." It's Darcy in disguise! Kind of a big mistake for Darcy to make, there. You'd think she'd have been a little more careful. Layla wonders what her problem is, but Musa recognizes her voice and general "feeling" as being Darcy's, and chases after Darcy. Musa and Layla throw their soft drinks to the ground in their rush after Darcy, as Tune looks at the two, wondering what the heck has gotten into Musa, and just continues sipping her own tea. Tune's adorable! And it seems Musa's better at recognizing the witches than Bloom is, considering how Bloom wasn't the least bit suspicious when she ran into the three earlier, but here Musa is, picking up on Darcy's vibes almost immediately! Go Musa! So much more enjoyable when she's not crushed with all the outdated slang!

Tecna and Digit are still outside, playing their holographic video game, and Digit wins! The look of disgust on Tecna's face after losing, just priceless! Digit then starts drilling Tecna about Timmy, wanting her to go up to Timmy and talk, but Tecna says she feels uncomfortable around Timmy. Digit tries to get Tecna to show her the dream she had, and finally gets Tecna to comply, as long as Digit promises not to make fun of her. She puts on a pair of green cyber glasses of sorts, and Tecna appears in a green digital kingdom, along with Timmy. She starts getting flirty with Timmy, seemingly having him chase her, while she's laughing nonsensically. She says they were about to kiss right before she woke up. Well, I can understand the dream embarrassing Tecna: I mean, she was acting so very non-Tecna-like! But then, who ever said dreams were supposed to make sense, anyway? I guess poor Tecna doesn't understand why she'd behave so foolishly.

Tecna: So now do you understand why I've been so uncomfortable around him?
Digit: Would you start acting logically and go find him?

Meanwhile, Musa and Layla are still chasing after Darcy, while all the other people they pass just look confused. At least they all have an excuse this time to not get involved: I mean, from the outside, it probably just looks like a typical catfight of sorts. Musa and Layla run into Tecna, and tell her that they were chasing Darcy. For some reason, Tecna asks Digit to check the guest list. Um... why? Why the heck would they invite Darcy, or any of the Trix sisters? The girls who tried to take over the whole universe last year? I mean, come on, Tecna... logic's your strong suit! Tecna wonders if maybe it's just a younger sister, or maybe another girl who sounds just like her. Musa insists she's right, though, that it was definitely Darcy, and goes to look for the others to warn them.

In Shadowhaunt, Lord Darkar turns his pet bird Kerbog into a slimy gargoyle-like creature, to destroy the new Red Fountain, and everyone there.


Inside Red Fountain's new stadium, Sky and Riven are fighting out in the field, where Riven sets off some sort of weak bomb on Sky. Bloom is worried, that Riven shouldn't be allowed to do it, but Musa says that it's extreme fighting they're doing. Digit says it officially became a sport three years ago. Out on the field, though, Sky defeats Riven. Bloom cheers, yelling "Good job, Sky!" Musa has an absolute look of disgust on her face, though, and is obviously annoyed with Bloom's not caring about Riven. Musa had to say nothing. Her expression alone conveyed it all. Poor Musa. I feel bad for her... she's really been a more enjoyable character this whole season. Riven complains that everything's easy for him, that everything falls into his lap. Sky yells back, that he knows that isn't true. Riven's heard enough, though, and walks out, obviously a sore loser, and obviously feeling bad about himself. As Bloom continues cheering, Musa says she hopes Riven is OK, but is interrupted by Stella, pointing out Brandon's being up next. So I guess Musa's probably a bit unnerved with Stella and Bloom now. Someone ought to talk to Musa, maybe?

As Brandon comes onto the field, to face the senior he'll be fighting, a large shadow covers the whole arena. The gargoyle-like creature Darkar created has arrived, and most of the stadium starts to flee for their lives, including a mis-colored Bloom--I guess Bloom had another sister after all--and the brunette witch we saw earlier. So I guess the witches can be trusted in events like this after all. At least sometimes. Of course, as everyone else is running for their lives, the six Winx girls and four Specialists stay to fight. I mean, with all the fairies, witches, and warriors around, how come the main ten are the only ones who are staying to risk their lives, here? I mean, everyone else can fight too, right? Err... right? The Winx girls transform to their winx forms, as usual before a big fight. Stella and Bloom shoot blasts at it, but it just absorbs the magic. Flora says it's a liodragerous, which was supposed to be extinct. Codatorta orders the Junior Brigade to get to the bleachers.

Stormy, still in disguise, watching from outside Red Fountain, figures it's time to finally lose the disguise she hates, and get inside Red Fountain to go after the Codex. Icy, elsewhere outside Red Fountain comes to the same conclusion.

In the stadium, Stella, Bloom, and Layla are still attacking the liodragerous, but can't seem to find a weak spot on the monster. Codatorta and three others are riding on dragons to attack the monster.

Outside, Timmy is trying to get everyone out in an orderly fashion, telling them all to form a single line. The most amazing thing is, while they're not forming a single line, they are all exiting in an orderly fashion! How they can get them all to leave without trampling on one another is simply amazing! A guy comes to give Timmy an important message for Codatorta, which Timmy decides is bad.

Back in the stadium, Codatorta gets Timmy's "red dragon alert." He alerts Saladin, and he says everyone could be in danger if they get the Codex, so they must go after the intruders immediately. Saladin says that Bloom and Sky and their cliques can take care of the monster themselves. Question is, why aren't any of the other students helping out? The two summon a ship of guards to help the two out with the intruders.

The Winx girls and Specialists are having trouble with the liodragerous, though. But right as it's about to eat Flora, Helia holds it back with some powerful strings. Flora's smitten, of course. Helia asks if Flora is OK, and when she says he is, he lets it go, to the other girls' disgust.

Bloom: Hey! Why did he let it go?!
Stella: That Helia's "some" pacifist; he fights to protect Flora, but no one else?!
Tecna: It's completely illogical. If you don't believe in fighting, don't fight at all!

Bloom seemed to be in shock that Helia would do such a thing: Stella and Tecna both seemed absolutely disgusted that he'd treat them with such disrespect. And they should: that was crappy of Helia. So, he doesn't care if anyone else gets killed, only Flora, because he has a crush on her, and not them. And the monster could've gone right back after Flora after he let it go, so it's not like she was really all that safe, anyway. So yeah... kind of a jerk. Helia, outside of the stadium, looks back and smiles, then walks away. Amore tell Stella how romantic Helia was being, though she didn't seem to agree. Sky pretty much by himself comes up with a plan to defeat the monster, with help from all the Winx girls and specialists. The archery guys shoot at the liodragerous to hold it down, while Sky and group take aim on it to defeat it.


Inside Red Fountain, Codatorta is discussing with Saladin and the other warriors with him the strategy they'll be using to protect the Codex.

The Winx girls are worried, since the liodragerous is about to break free, though Flora holds it back some more using Ivy web to entangle the monster more. Tecna's found the dragon's point of vulnerability, and the Specialists go to attack it, though there's never any real indication as to exactly where the weak point was, or where they attacked the monster to force it to explode.

Inside Red Fountain, Codatorta says that the warriors can use any means necessary to slay the intruders if they find them. Icy's about to attack the warriors herself, but Lord Darkar insists that they retreat and return to Shadowhaunt. Icy tries to put up a fight, but she listens to Darkar, anyway.

Outside Red Fountain, back in the little recreational area, Avalon apologizes for not being there to take out the monster, saying he was taking a tour at the time, and that when he got back to the stadium, the fight was already over. Bloom says Avalon could've taken the monster out right away. Pull it together already, Bloom! Sky is sitting away from Bloom and Avalon, continuing being jealous. Meanwhile, a paper airplane flies by, landing into Flora's lap, sitting under another tree by herself. It's a drawing of Flora, for Flora, and she feels warmth, obviously having a crush on Helia, as he was obviously the one who sent the drawing over to Flora.

Back down in Shadowhaunt, Lord Darkar has a talk with the Trix sisters, wondering what they thought of the beast he created.

Icy: You're the man, LD, you rock my world, you really do.

Oh, Icy... come on! I mean... do you really have to have a crush on the ugly guy? I mean, you're Icy! You don't need no stinkin' love! Icy still wants to know why they couldn't take out the warriors. Darkar explains that it wouldn't be fun to destroy them when they most expect it, and besides, they already have one part of the Codex. Once they get the other three, they'll have complete control over the entire universe! And then a lame joke about Shadowhaunt becoming the haunt. Sigh.

Other Stuff

Enjoyable episode. We had Mirta back, even if just for a bit; we had the Trix sisters back, in cool disguises; we had good bits with Tecna, Musa, and Stella, and an interesting fight, if not revealing a certain someone's questionable crush on Flora.

Digit has snuck in as my favorite of the pixies, with her logical way of thinking, while still being "in" with some things, like understanding slang--even if she doesn't seem overly fond of it--and trying to convince Helia to change his way of doing art, thinking her way is better... just yay Digit!

And one of these days, how about seeing more Zing? Or any Zing at all? Poor girl still hasn't done a thing!

Helia didn't overly impress me. Saving Flora, then letting the monster go, not caring about any of the other girls? Tecna said it well: if he doesn't believe in fighting, he should've just stayed out. I mean, the monster could've easily went after Flora again, even!

9 out of 10 on the old scale.