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Tecna is one of the members of the Winx Club at Alfea, school for fairies. Tecna is from the third vector of the Binary Galaxy. Her powers come from computers, and technology in general.

Tecna is highly intelligent. Like any good nerd, Tecna thoroughly enjoys math and science. She spends a lot of time doing things on her computer. As intelligent as she is, though, she does not always understand non-technical things, like manual labor. Some of the simplest things, like brooms and buckets, are completely foreign to Tecna.

Tecna is not very good at expressing emotion. She looks for logic behind everything, and is not good at understanding emotional-based decisions. She also does not outwardly show a lot of concern for her friends, though deep down, she truly cares for them all, and would do anything to help.

Tecna has an irritatingly forced crush on Timmy.

I do not feel we should follow Stella's illogical ramblings. So, this so-called 'bucket' is a type of headwear, correct?

That nightmare was so scary, I am still feeling scared, despite now being awake. ...nature?

I do a pretty mean Spider-Man impression! I hope Darcy doesn't find out I found her doll collection.