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Stormy is one of the Trix sisters at Cloud Tower, school for witches. Stormy has powers over storms and weather, which should come as a surprise to no one. She, as well as her sisters, wish to rule the universe.

Stormy is forever grumpy, very quick to anger, and overall less mature than her sisters. She would be completely lost without her sisters, though Stormy herself tends to believe herself to be the most important in the sisters' attempt to control the universe. Stormy also has a very bad temper, and when she gets angry, she is likely to set ablaze whatever happens to be around, living or nonliving.

Stormy is not the leader of the Trix sisters, though she would like to be. She can get frustrated when she believes she can handle things better than her sisters, though most of the time, she really can't. Stormy is also not quite as inherently evil as Icy, though she seems to want to be so: it just does not come as naturally to her. She is very good at being just plain grumpy, though.

Lovely night, isn't it? Why can't I be the boss?

You're dead if I have a broken nail. You shouldn't make me mad!

Bunnies! I hate waiting!