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Stella is one of the members of the Winx Club at Alfea, school for fairies. Stella is the princess of Solaria, a place she speaks highly of. Her powers come from the sun and the moon.

Stella is vain, and often selfish. Clothes and beauty are of utmost importance to her, and she gets upset when someone ruins her clothes, or hair, or physical appearance in any way. Still, Stella's priorities are not completely shot, as she will readily put down "beautifying" herself, or other materialistic things, to help if one of her friends is in trouble. Despite wanting to be the focus of attention most of the time, she's willing to put her need aside for a while when necessary.

Stella is actually a second-year freshman at Alfea. It seems she may not have cared too much her first year at Alfea, but she's clearly trying to pass this year, and has great concerns about being held back a second time. What's even more unfortunate is that, though she's clearly concerned, and trying hard, that she still isn't doing that well.

Stella's parents are in the midst of a divorce, with her parents living in seperate palaces, and Stella herself torn between her two parents. The divorce is hurting Stella greatly deep down, though she does not talk about it too much.

Despite being seemingly stupid at times, Stella actually has surprising intuition for certain things, or weird vibes when she senses something amiss.

Aaugh!  Swamp! I'm prettier than her!

Pweeeeease? Lucy is NOT prettier than me!

Princess!  Remember!  Treat me like one! Be honest, is this me?