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Mirta is--or was--a witch attending Cloud Tower. She is not highly respected there, however, as she does not hold the core values of a witch that her peers do. Currently, however, she is an exchange student at Alfea, where she fits in better.

Mirta is a sweet witch who would rather have fairy and witch all get along, whose personality is similar to Flora's, with a good head on her shoulders. At Cloud Tower, Mirta was also very alone, not fitting in, however nice she may be to everyone else.

After Mirta saved the Winx girls from the Trix sisters, Icy, furious, turned Mirta into the world's cutest pumpkin. As a pumpkin, Mirta was cared for by Flora, trying to find a spell to change Mirta back into a witch, and finally succeeded in doing so. Mirta and Flora have a special bond between each other.

Mirta has, or had, a friend at Cloud Tower named Lucy, though Lucy defriended Mirta, not wanting to be seen with a "loser," as Mirta was known by her peers at Cloud Tower.

Please don't send me to Abu Dhabi! Cloud Tower weather's lousy this time of year.  Actually, it's always lousy.

Puppy dog eyes! I should probably give up on Lucy, huh?

Enough cute!  Time to fight you three! If Frank likes me so much, why am I at the bottom of the character list?