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Layla is a fairy who is a student at Alfea, school for fairies, and is a member of the Winx Club. She is a princess in the realm of Tides, and has the ability to rearange water molecules to all sorts of objects and weapons.

Layla seems to be a bit of a feminist, believing that girls are just as capable as guys at anything, and she tends not to crush on guys at all. Whereas the others look to the Specialists as heroes and great help against the witches and other troubles, Layla sees the guys are more or less kinda' useless, believing the fairies can handle things better.

Aside from her closeness to Piff, Layla seems to have a special connection with all the pixies in general, having been friends with the pixies for a long time.

Single at not looking! Call me Sporty Spice and die.

Pictures by Lori.