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Icy is one of the Trix sisters at Cloud Tower, school for witches. Icy, as one would expect with a name like Icy, has powers of ice and cold, and general freezing powers. She, as well as her sisters, wish to rule the universe.

Icy's name describes both her literal powers and her personality: cold-hearted. She hasn't a nice bone in her body; while she does want to rule the universe, she is also mean just for the sake of being mean: she gets kicks out of it.

Icy is the unofficial leader of the Trix sisters, though she is often willing to hand down that title when it suits the Trio's desires, or suits her own needs. She is easily the most determined of her sisters, most willing to do absolutely everything to get what she wants, though she is not quite as calm and collected as Darcy.

Icy has a baby duck that stalks her. However much abuse she shows the duck, it still keeps coming back for its "mama."

I'm bad! Why does someone always have to annoy me?

Ooh, I hate Bloom! What is this strange object?  Oh, it's just Bloom.

If you tell ANYONE I have this doll, you are so dead! Cackle with me!  CACKLE!