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Flora is one of the members of the Winx Club at Alfea, school for fairies. Flora is from the fifth moon of Marigold. Her powers come from plants, and nature in general.

Flora is very kind, gentle, sweet, and mature. She is able to keep her head on her shoulders in a crisis, and is not one to panic. She is known as the goody two-shoes of the group, a position she likes having.

Flora is also fairly shy, though, and does not stand up for herself at times. She could probably make an excellent leader for their clique, except that with the other vibrant personalities around her, Flora would simply fade into the background.

Flora has a special bond with pumpkin-friend Mirta.

I'm quiet. Don't tell Stella, but my dress is prettier than hers.

That's... kinda'... err, gross. Dead planets do not exist.

I hope you bring lots of spaghetti. I'm holding the book tight so I don't accidentally drop it.  I'm clumsy, you see.