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Darcy is one of the Trix sisters at Cloud Tower, school for witches. Darcy's powers are more versitile than those of her sisters, able to perform various miscellaneous spells, such as self-replication. She, as well as her sisters, wish to rule the universe.

Darcy is evil, but unlike Icy, she tends to be mean to get what she wants, and not just because she can. Darcy understands human emotion better than Icy and Stormy do, but generally uses her understanding to manipulate others: certainly not to help anyone. Darcy is also more prone than her sisters to getting a crush on a guy, though fortunately, she does not go absolutely nuts. But if a cute guy can be of use to Darcy and her sisters, she certainly would not mind.

While Icy tends to act as leader of the Trix, Darcy is generally second-in-command, and Icy even hands off the leader position to Darcy from time to time. While not as determined as Icy, Darcy is likely the most intelligent of the Trio, and is less likely to overreact to defeat than Icy or Stormy.

See how sweet I can pretend to be? You know I'm the smartest because I wear glasses.

I'm Darcy.  I'll kill you now. Why break a sweat?  The stupid pixies can't win!

Now why won't Mattel mass produce these things?! I'm a good actress, aren't I?