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So, what's Winx Club about, anyway?

The Winx Club is a cartoon show about five righteous fairies battling against three evil witches.

...if only it were that simple. Though her name is not in the show's title, Bloom, one of the fairies, is the star of the cartoon. Back on Earth, Bloom is just living a normal life on earth, when she runs into Stella, who is being attacked by Knut, the ogre. She draws the ogre's attention, forgetting that she can't really fight the ogre... except she actually can, using magic that she was unaware she had inside herself. Stella realizes Bloom is a fairy, and takes her to Alfea, the school for fairies.

Bloom stays at Alfea for the most part, along with her friends from all over the universe: Stella, Tecna, Musa, and Flora. The five girls are close friends, and have named their little clique the Winx Club.

It's not all fun and games for the girls, however, thanks to three evil witches from Cloud Tower, the school for witches. They are the Trix sisters, and are after the fairies. They want something from the girls, and the Trix sisters--Icy, Stormy, and Darcy--are willing to do whatever it takes to get it. And once they do get it, they're plans are to take over the entire universe.

In the battle against the Trix sisters, however, the Winx girls are not alone: the Specialists, a group of four guys from Red Fountain, the school for warriors, is there to help them out. Also, some of the Winx girls develop crushes on these guys. Cloud Tower, even, has a student on the side of the Winx girls. Add to that the faculty of Alfea helping the girls against the witches, and honing in on their powers in general. Even Bloom's parents, however powerless they may be, give their daughter all the support they can.

It's not all about defeating the Trix sisters, however: as Bloom has just realized she is a fairy, she has lots of powers that she is unfamiliar with. Bloom wishes to learn about her past: what planet she comes from, what her powers are, why she was put on Earth, and just who she is.

So it's a battle of good versus evil, the fairies against the witches. Who will win? Who should win? Would anyone dare to call Riven "Ribbon"? Probably not that last one, but as the show unfolds, the events will be well worth watching!