Age old art of bounty hunting...

    Ever since there were outlaws, there've been Bounty Hunters.

    Since recorded time, there have always been a special breed of men & women who have hunted their nieghbor for profit. Some were hunted for crimes they commited, while others were hunted simply at the wish of people with money, wanting the person caught for purposes from petty vengeance to outright slavery.

    When the United States was in it's early years, Bounty Hunters became what some would call a necessary evil.

    Here in Texas, the legendary Texas Rangers started out as Bounty Hunters in many respects. With badges stamped from copper pennies & little or no training,they set out across the hill country & the badlands of west Texas, fighting Mexicans & Commanche natives for every acre.

    Rangers today have to take enough college hours to recieve a degree, you couldn't get them to take a bath back then.

    Also on the list are the Federal Marshalls. Their job today is still primarily chasing down fugitives. The tag "private eye", comes from the Pinkerton Detective Agency. It was derived from their logo "We never sleep" which was wrapped around an open eye. It was this group of tenacious men who hunted the likes of "Butch" Cassidy & "The Sundance Kid", after they pulled several sucessful armed robberies on the trains carrying payroll for the railroad. The railroad barons, being the Bill Gates/Ceasars of the day didn't find this amusing.They hired not only the Pinkertons, but nearly anyone willing to ride them down for money.

    In the 20th century, we witnessed the Bounty Hunter evolve from borderline outlaw,to the modern-day professionals we continue to become today. Today's Hunter is still able to handle themselves in a scrape, but they're also highly educated, well trained,and on the cutting edge of technology. Most states have laws pertaining to the qualifications/requirements it takes to hunt skips. We are recognized as professionals by Judges & Law Enforcement, & we remain the only tax-free avenue to keeping the bad apples in their own basket.-Gator

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