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This is me, Hilary, fooling around in my room!(Well I hope not)!

This is my school pic for last year!

This is me at cheerleader camp 2000-2001, our squad is for that year is somewhere down there!

This is Us at school when we were in 7th grade!

This is my most recent picture! Me in my cheerleaderin uniform!

This is us at our Christmas Dance! Pictured are: STANDING=Michelle,Julia,Victoria,Amber,ME,Shannon,and Viola SITTING=Kelly,Lizzy,and Lacey KNEALING=Rhea and Joni!

This is us at cheerleader camp sleep over of 2000-2001 and these people are: STANDING=Takitta,Nicole,and Kristie SITTING=Janie,Janee,Brittany G., and Britney L. LYING DOWN=Amanda

Right here is well they have their names us again at cheerleader camp sleep over of 2000-2001! For Future Notice we only had one cheerleader sleep over ok!

Ok right here is a bunch of me and my friends in KINDERGARDEN! On a trip to the zoo! Lets see! I see Cain,Brook,Lucas,Me,Beth,Halie,Jace B.,Pierce,Sloan,Austin,Kayla L.,Jessie,Jace G.,Leslie,and Kimberly T.! Yes I see all of you in here!

We were at Brittany G.'s birthday party and we decided to go chill at Wal-Mart and Pizza Hut in our PJS! Remember those MEAN workers there and the bean bags in the middle of the aisles! haha! Well These people are: Brittany G.,Lori,Janee,ME,Cambria,Takitta, and Desiree!

Ok Finally this is our squad of 2000-2001! Girls I'll miss ya'll we had some great times! Our squad that is pictured are: Brittany S.,Laina,Leah,Malorie,Megan W.,ME,Lacey T.,Brittany G.,Bliss,Janee,Callie,Amy,Takitta, and Kristie! People not pictured are: Janie,Nicole,Shelly,Jamie,and Beth!

Us again at Brittany's Sleepover foolin around with the wine! lol! these are the same people in the Wal-Mart pic above! This is Kimberly! one of my BEST friends! This is her dancing pic!

This was last year's Luau Dance! It was a blast! standing are:Brittany,Janee,Caitlyn,Joni,Michelle,Lizzy,Cierra sitting on bench: Megan,Julia,ME,Shannon, and Kim and on the floor:Lacey and Cambria

THIS IS THE PIC I'VE BEEN TRYIN TO SEND U TYLER!!! Click This Horse to see my Camp pics!

These are pics of me and one of my best friends Joni!!

Click this horse to see some volleyball pics!

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