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This is me, Hilary, fooling around in my room!(Well I hope not)!

This is my school pic for last year!

This is me at cheerleader camp 2000-2001, our squad is for that year is somewhere down there!

This is Us at school when we were in 7th grade!

This is us at our Christmas Dance! Pictured are: STANDING=Michelle,Julia,Victoria,Amber,ME,Shannon,and Viola SITTING=Kelly,Lizzy,and Lacey KNEALING=Rhea and Joni!

This is us at cheerleader camp sleep over of 2000-2001 and these people are: STANDING=Takitta,Nicole,and Kristie SITTING=Janie,Janee,Brittany G., and Britney L. LYING DOWN=Amanda

Right here is well they have their names us again at cheerleader camp sleep over of 2000-2001! For Future Notice we only had one cheerleader sleep over ok!

Ok right here is a bunch of me and my friends in KINDERGARDEN! On a trip to the zoo! Lets see! I see Cain,Brook,Lucas,Me,Beth,Halie,Jace B.,Pierce,Sloan,Austin,Kayla L.,Jessie,Jace G.,Leslie,and Kimberly T.! Yes I see all of you in here!

We were at Brittany G.'s birthday party and we decided to go chill at Wal-Mart and Pizza Hut in our PJS! Remember those MEAN workers there and the bean bags in the middle of the aisles! haha! Well These people are: Brittany G.,Lori,Janee,ME,Cambria,Takitta, and Desiree!

Ok Finally this is our squad of 2000-2001! Girls I'll miss ya'll we had some great times! Our squad that is pictured are: Brittany S.,Laina,Leah,Malorie,Megan W.,ME,Lacey T.,Brittany G.,Bliss,Janee,Callie,Amy,Takitta, and Kristie! People not pictured are: Janie,Nicole,Shelly,Jamie,and Beth!

Us again at Brittany's Sleepover foolin around with the wine! lol! these are the same people in the Wal-Mart pic above!