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About Paganism



Paganism is a collection of faiths, teaching traditions, and mystical paths loosely defined as "earth-centered" and polytheistic.

While many Pagans are followers of Wicca, or Witchcraft, Paganism includes a wide variety of practices and beliefs, largely based on ancient polytheistic traditions.

In spite of -- or because of -- these differences, most Pagans are able to find fellowship with one another, celebrating the diversity of human spiritual experience and cultural history. In fact, Paganism has become a welcoming home to those who feel disenfranchised by "mainstream" faiths because of their political views, spiritual or mystical experiences, relationship preferences, sexual orientation, or genderidentity.

To learn more about Paganism, you are welcome to attend our weekly meetings -- or, if you do not live in the Greater New Orleans area, you may look here for a CUUPS chapter near you.

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