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Curtis Connections

Welcome! Below you will find a continually expanding list of Curtis/Curtiss surname internet genealogy links. Please bookmark this site as I am sure it will grow. I am always on the browse for new links, so if you know of a site that I have overlooked, please email the URL.

Please support The Curtis-Curtiss Society! Contact Barbara Curtis Weaver, President, 131 Lake Road, Ontario, NY 14519-9311. Thanks - Ransom H. Curtis

Update30 Apr 2002


Genealogy Web Sites

Curtis/Curtis Genealogy

Curtis Family Genealogy Forum (GenForum)

Curtis Family of TN

Deodatus Curtis (American Colonial Origins)

Descendants of Francis Curtis

Kentucky Descendants of Thomas Curtis (1598 - 1681)

Political Graveyard

Richard Curtis (1611-1681) W. L. DeCoursey Gen Research Notes

Joel Curtis (b. 1793) The Starner Home Page

Descendants of Thomas Curtis (1598-1681)

Descendants of Thomas Curtis (1760-1809)

Descendants of William Wiley and Lovey Curtis

Family Tree Maker (Numerous Home Pages)

Reuben Emerson Curtis Genealogy Homepage

Patricia Curtis Genealogy Homepage

The Orphans - A Curtis & Orr Family Tragedy


Gendex Surname List - C

Isreal Curtis (1644-1704)

Jonathan Curtis (1690-1757)

General Interest

Curtis Cemetary, Salisbury

The Curtis Collection (Edward Sherrif Curtis)

The Curtis Institute of Music

Curtis Memorial Library

Curtiss Museum (Glen H. Curtiss, Aviator)

The Curtis Sesqui-Centennial Exposition Organ

Curtiss, Wisconsin

Edward S. Curtis Collection (Library of Congress)




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