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classe de français

Pourquoi apprendre le français...?
Learning French...?

s'ouvrir au monde, découvrir...discovering a new culture...
communiquer, aider mes enfants...communicating, helping my children...
rire, chanter, danser...laughing, singing, dancing...

Bonjour,la Classe!

Allez,en classe!
You'll find here the songs(chansons), stories (histoires) we learned in class and many useful links (liens utiles)to help you with your french. In "Le Cahier de Texte" you will be able to check the news for yours or your children class.If you want to test your level just go to "Le test"...enjoy!

Les Chansons * Les Histoires ** Le test *** Le Cahier de Texte ****

Les Liens Utiles/Links

french songs to sing, to read, to play
children songs
sing, draw, paint with your children
French/English dictionary